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Subvert Nights during September, October, November...

Basically need this info, its been posted in the StreetTeam forum, but not everyone goes there so its here as well so there's no excuses for anyone.


If there's anybody out there that knows of Subversive Centralismic Movementastic nights going on from September to November please can you post it here, ASAP:

1. Name of night
2. Location (country, city, etc... name of the club/bar/box/house)
3. Date
4. Who's playin
5. Info/contact/phone/email/wwweb

and anything els
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free webspace for your mixes during beta
i just stumbled across a post on another forum that during beta sign up is for free at http://www.mixdepot.net

300 mb webspace / unlimited bandwidth Cool

i just signed up and it's working perfectly (right now i'm upping a mix i downloaded at work, but which isn't online anymore... so it's not my own... Oops ), just enter some crap when they ask for creditcard numbers etc.

i don't know for how long this will be working but i'll enjoy it for the moment. will upload my first home ma
Author: Jason oS - Replies: 13 - Views: 1154
SC project discussion thursday during curry?
I've come across an idea that i would like to run across ppl, so before any dranking occurs I'd like to discuss... (if thats alright)...
Author: SHIFT - Replies: 10 - Views: 658
f**kin audio pops during playback!
im only using 3 midi instruments and a few audio tracks!

the song is only a minute long!

im getting random audio pops during playback.

its as tho the disc cache display is hardly stressed but then peaks really quickly..

any help? its driving me nutts.

im using cubase 4, i-mac 2.8 Ghz
audio files on an external hard drive
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Life During Wartime new Todd Solondz film
Supposed to be some form of sequel to Happiness or at least contain some of the same characters as Happiness.
Not seen it yet or heard when or if it will be played at cinemas over here.

Sure it will be great like Storytelling, Welcome to the Dollhouse and Happiness.
Really like his blunt, unsympathetic writting. Want to check Palindromes!
Author: Tim Reaper - Replies: 7 - Views: 1872
So I tried to film Macc during a photoshoot...
But his mum was having none of it. Icon_cry

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