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Getting an E6400!!!
yeah bitch!!!! 128mb Ram, 20gb internal HD, 8 outs, RFX!!! bo!!!!

£700, a mighty fine deal!!!

how much do the extra outs cost?

cant fucking wait man....
Author: trope - Replies: 3 - Views: 791
Anyone want an Emu E6400 Ultra?
with a bad Flash BIOS ram module? got it on ebay a couple years ago, tried to install the new BIOS and corrupted the RAM module (by all accounts). prior to that it worked, but had no samples in it and no external drive (and presets had been erased). pretty sure it's got 256 mb ram, no internal drive. definitely a fixer but u can prolly hv it for a song - cleanin out me storage and it's bn packed and ready to go for, oh, 2 yrs Roll Roll

best offer, name yr price - Icon_question Icon_question Icon_question
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I'm buying an e6400 ultra
Icon_yippee Twisted

Now I just have to work out how to get it hooked up to me PC Oops

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