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C4 to show artist eating dead baby
Channel 4 was yesterday back in the dock over plans to broadcast a programme showing a performance artist eating the flesh of a dead baby.
The documentary, Beijing Swings, which looks at the extreme practices of some artists in China, also shows a man drinking wine that has had an amputated penis marinaded in it.

The programme, which has been condemned by the Chinese embassy in London, will be broadcast on Thursday night. A spokesman for Channel 4 said last night: "The programme will be co
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Why does eating a proper meal make you tired?
Do you ever get it that you start feeling very relaxed and sleepy after eating a huge meal?

Why does it happen? I've discussed this with my homies but they haven't been able to tell me.

Shed some light on this!

Pasty Pasty Pasty
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we're eating sagittarius!!!
apparantly the milky way has been consuming the sagittarius galaxy for some time now. the smaller and much more dense sagittarius is slowly being devoured by the lighter and larger milky way at an astonishing rate...

the sagittarius galaxy has been hidden by gass clouds and dust until recently, it was only discovered in 1994.

scientists discovered the cannibalistic nature of our galaxy by looking for infra red radiation comming off stars known as M giants. these stars are rare in the milk
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Humble pie eating massive say aye.
How sorry am I then? I went to the wrong station.

It was all my fault.

Sorry Statto, sorry.

Oops doesn't really cover it.

Will blatently have to send you that vinyl I told you about.
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Structure in not eating my house shocker
He and Saturn came, saw, dj'd, Structure stayed at mine, and didn't eat the whole damn place.


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its 5am and im eating cold pizza
i just got in
beatjam was most excellent
i am completely drunk Xyxthumbs

well done guys

Applause Applause
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Turning subvert logos + banners eating cputime
Yeah, I was wondering what was drawing all the cpu cycles while I my pc was idling. It turns out that the twisting subvert central logo's and the banner on top of the page cause that.

Dunno, but it's quite unnescessary. Isn't it an idea to change at least the logo's for still ones? Roll
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chris inperspective's eating habits
this is probably going to get crappered, but i'm having the dude stay at my house and since i'm a cook extraordinaire...i was just wondering if anyone knows if he's a vegan/vegetarian, doesn't eat pork, or something like that.

it would help greatly.
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How manys bikkies you eating ins one day?
I ams usuallsy having 5 or 6 bikkies in one day. that is I think about 150 times by own body weighs. anyone beats this? Macc?
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eating too much
ok, so i make THE best spaghetti bolognese EVER! Teef

and i just ate too much..

anyone feel my pain??

it was too good!

i cant stand up...

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