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Radiohead 25May2003 - Shepherds Bush Empire - Backstage + Li

what a video, complete with interviews and backstage footage!
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[Image: http://www.funxion.gr/BSE2/bse_p/funxionfront_small.jpg][Image: http://www.funxion.gr/BSE2/bse_p/funxionback_small.jpg]

INFO : http://www.funxion.gr/BSE2/
forum : http://www.funxion.gr/forum/

Funxion & Master Of Sound presents: Black Sun Empire Driving Insane Lp launch party

Funxion presents the mostly ascending stars of the drum & bass scene, the 'Black Sun Empire'.
A year after their prime performance in Athens the Dutch djs and producers strike
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Host Wars Episode V - The Empire is Wack
my latest support ticket...i await a response. (i wont get one)

How on earth can you manage to fix a problem for two hours only for it to go down again??? 6 Days now our site has been down. This is beyond a joke, your support staff have been most unhelpful, i strongly suspect that your live chat staff really dont know whats going as i dont consider "server issues" to be a valid explanation of what the problem is.

I also belive that you dont even read these support tickets because this is
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"The sun never sets on the British empire..
because God would never trust the English in the dark" - George Galloway's Irish grandpa

anyone heard that before? Hahaha
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DMF: Black Sun Empire / Bad Boy Kaiza (2005-10-02)
DMF (2005-10-02):

Black Sun Empire
Bad Boy Kaiza

Black Sun Empire will have a visit at DMF,
showing what's up in their musical universe,
and after them the Kaiza of Mannheim will
spin one of his rare DJ-sets.

start: 22:00 CET

livestream: -->

DMF info: http://www.trio-music.de
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Inland Empire
I watched this on Sunday, after Paddy's day at The Castle... so that made it even harder to follow...

Your thoughts? I thought the sound was imaculate and the choice of music was wicked as ever. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but at the same time i couldnt help thinking "this is by no way his best" all the way through. But, then i came out of the cinmea thikning, actually it was dope. Still not sure... need to see it again. The middle hour was my fave. When it turns out she was the person on the se
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Atari Teenage Riot & Alec Empire
just dug out 'Gone in 60 Seconds' and i'm actually really enjoying it! some of it's well funny though.

i was just wondering if anyone could recommend some good alec empire albums, or other bands/artists that are similar?
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Anyone Order Equipment / Gear from Dj Empire Before ??
I placed an order with them Monday morning. Instant email confirming payment.
The site says most orders placed before 3pm should arrive the next day but this wasnt guaranteed. Fair enough.
2 days after the order was placed no email or delivery. Emailed them, then waited 2 days for reply, to be told no problem with order, being sent direclty from manufacturer and that I'll be sent info. on ETA. Roll
Pretty disappointed Mad Icon_cry god knows when it'll arrive.

For future reference, do
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The Empire Strikes Barack
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Black Sun Empire Update (forthcoming releases)

This is just an update on what you can expect in the near future:

BSE008 (out now):
[Image: http://www.xs4all.nl/~pietheyb/myspace/bse/bse008a.jpg]
a - BSE - Firing Squad (SKC remix)
[Image: http://www.xs4all.nl/~pietheyb/myspace/bse/bse008b.jpg]
b - BSE & State of Mind - Red Velvet (VIP)

BSE009 (out now):

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