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Loose Ends appreciation - not ur bloody hair!
I love them so much - it does something to me everytime!

any fans here, what are fave 2 tracks?

mine are:

1. hanging on a string
2. magic touch

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Shimon "Predator" (RAM 1994) auction ends today!
Auction ends at 13:00 today!

Shimon "Predator" / "Within Reason" (RAM Records 010 promo, 1994) £2.50



Some other oldskool auctions ending in the next few days...

DJ Rap & Aston - "Vertigo" / "Vertigo" (Remix) (Suburban Base 029, 1993) :: Full Release with Artwork £2.50

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[Racist] Wal-Mart ends automated movie suggestions

By Marcus Kabel, Associated Press
Wal-Mart Stores is shutting down the automated system that creates movie recommendations on its shopping website after the system randomly linked a Planet of the Apes DVD to films about African-Americans including Martin Luther King Jr., the company said Thursday.

Wal-Mart said it had fixed the immediate problem by removing what it called the "offensive combinat
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Zombie Party ends in hail of gunfire
holy shit


[quote]"It was a zombie party. People had a lot of make-up on," Mr Kerlikowske said. "There was fake blood squirted, and people were made-up to look as if they were dead."

Weapons in truck

The gunman, in his 20s and believed to be a Seattle resident, is reported to have been invited to the house party after attending a "zombie rave" for about 1,000 people, also in Capitol Hill, earlier on Friday night.

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boomkat: Basic Channel repress sale ends 11/5/06!!
bc hs repressed much of their back catalogue to celebrate their 10th anniversary Icon_eek, and much of it is still there (except q1.1,Icon_cry), ₤4.99 apiece. if u missed some 1st time around now's the chance to get fresh-mynted deep grooves~ :d
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Registering for Glastonbury Tkts ends today!
Just a quick heads up to anyone wanting to go to Glasto this year
You now have to register to be able to buy a ticket when they go on sale
and today is the last day to do so

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[60x60] CD or digital release? Poll ends Feb. 11th
i was thinking of making a small batch of cds of this? if thats the case, would it ruin it to put it out in digital form first?
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everything we record ends up sounding like porno music
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[SAMPLE PAX]>>Rmx comp'n for 7 songs now on!!>>ENDS Dec.31st
Remix competition for 7 songs now on!!
Demos are also being looked at for the 3rd V/A compilation in our series featuring various kinds of techno, minimal, house, electro etc. The first two compilations; Isla Osito & Viaje En Barco are currently available for free download @ http://www.materializm.webs.com
and yeah am always looking at demos of drum'n'bass, dubstep, breaks and everything else really......
[size=6]Final entries for both are due by December 31st, so contact
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records for sale on ebay (ends sunday 16th, low prices)
Selling most of my collection on ebay. I've put them in lots so make sure you look through them all. Lots

of classic techstep, jump up, liquid funk. etc

Lot1 - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?V...:MESELX:IT
Lot2 - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?V...:MESELX:IT
Lot3 - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?V...:MESELX:IT

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