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The End of An Era: STREETBEATS becomes SB:ADVANCE
Hello all

Yes, you read it right, Streetbeats is no more....

Long Live SB:Advance

A press release with full details can be downloaded from:


Thanks to everyone who's ever supported Streetbeats throughout the years, we wouldnt have got this far without that support.

Also contained in this press release:

- Details of our other d&b labels, Pi and NOIR
- Details of our breakbeat labels, i-lectrik and Supatronix
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end of an era...i have resigned my club246 fm & web show
i gave 5 cd's to mail out to the first 5 pm's.

thanks to those whom responded

had a few cd's kicking about and they need a home....

this is a little parting gift/souvenir to thank my monday listeners.
my job is getting way to hectic for me to keep doing 3 shows a
week. after thinking about what show keeps me excited and
pumped about spinning i have decided to cut the fat away and
concentrate on the one show that makes me look forward to
dropping music. so within the next coup
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esb - patio session vol.1 back online [95-97 era]
please go to Bitterbrew to access mixes...

the setlist

# 01 - flytronix - rare tear pt.2 - moving shadow
# 02 - tek 9 - is it on? (endemic void remix) - ssr
# 03 - dj food - fungle junk (lemon d remix) - ninja tune
# 04 - solo & aura - summer madness - mo' wax
# 05 - higher sense - out there - moving shadow
# 06 - deep blue - helicopter track - moving shadow
# 07 - boymerang - the river (vip) - regal
# 08 - photek -
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older londoners. classic bluenote era headz sets?
so far i have
doc scott from 1997.
trace from 1998.
peshay from 1997.
what others am i missing? did source direct ever spin at bluenote?
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Another broken set - Nubian Mindz, New Sector, Nu Era, more
[Image: http://www.futurebreaks.fm/img/logo.gif]
Subscribe to our podcast: http://www.futurebreaks.fm/blog/

Archives from our radio show this past Saturday... mine is a mix of dark drummy and feelgood broken stuff... thought some of you might be into it.

Saturday 7/9/2005 - SOUND:BOY & DJ M

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Sonz of a Loop da Loop Era
Freedomism! Jig
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Meng Qi - Era (Unsorted)

Hope to get ya comments.

Hey haven't post a tune for so long... I'm so busy with lots of things around. gigs/mix cd production...

I will play 2 or more gigs in sep.
If you have some friends in Beijing,dont forget to tell them to come

here is the flyer of my 25th,aug gig;
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I dedicated This To The Jungle Techno Era List to Sound Clip

Remember its a yousendit file so could go offline at any point... erm not in the correct place, but i want ppl to listen to it then statto cant put in the crapper or studio area :P
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Detuned Radio 96-99 Era Show Oct-07-2005 160k MP3
right click, save as
detuned radio - oct-07-2005

esb solo:
matrix - undersea flight - metalheadz
matrix - double vision - metro
ed rush & optical - mystery machine - virus
logistics - sym 1 - dubz
future forces - imprint - hardware
ez rollers - synestesia (dom & rolland remix) - moving shadow
makai - black belt - precision breakbeat research
hijacker - virus - autoi
twisted anger - techno funk - penny b
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who likes 91-93 era jungle?
oh oh I DO !!!!!!!

We seem to have one of these events in Toronto ever couple of months.

i tell you.....if you dig really proper old skool jungle - Toronto is a haven for events like this.

just thought i would share - cause these jams OWN!!!!

and im excited to go tonite.


Lost in the Jungle - 91-93




Hosted by: Marcus

Location: Tantri

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