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How 2 record E-MU filter tweaks etc (SysEx) on Cubase?
I have an EMU E5000 Ultra, I got it today. Fuck me, am I happy!
But so far there's at least one thing I haven't managed to figure out:

How to record tweaks and that sorta stuff I do with E-Mu on Cubase? The big question seems to be: does E-MU E5000 transmit sysex when I do some tweaking?

No need to tell me about the basics, I know em; my Akai sends it all to my Cubase, with which I can "store" all the tweaks etc and then automatically repeat em while playing the sequence on Cubase.

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Just a note to say you should ALL mail as must current infomation/gig/biogs and anything else to Luke at


DO IT ASAP PEOPLE, HE NEEDS CONTENT FOR THE SITE......I think this could be exactly what we need. He's developed an online shop for Distribution/Sales also. You'll be able to have a page on your site so fans can buy your material/merchandise.
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ATTN ALL DESIGNERS ETC - Design the Subvert Central Logo !
we need a logo for subvert central

it should be able to be used for the record label designs

and also online here at the forum


get on it !!

post designs up here in this thread
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Subvert Central Logo Pack (for flyers etc)
click below for the download

subvert central logo pack 1
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ATTN ALPHA OMEGA, B, Blue :P, etc.
stop fucking posting all this fucking shite!!!!!

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T Power's "Self Evident Truth (etc)" LP
Just dug this out... haven't listened in a good while.
This really is an amazing album...

Very inventive D&B from 1994... if ya haven't already heard try and check it out! Must be downloadable?

Wonder if there's any chance Mark Royal would come back from "Shake It" land to do some more of this stuff???!
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Attn UFO etc etc .......
Where did you get your sig mate ??

It dances well to Sambassin Hahaha
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AE, Nerve, Blue, Duffah etc.
Sorry i didn't make it to the albert on Saturday. I was knackered already and by the time I had something to eat I was fit for nothing. See you all again soon.

AE, I'm not avoiding you... honest. Smile

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Loads of V, Reinforced etc ... for sale
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Attn Statto, Nemo, etc...
Any idea where I can find a copy of 'krautrock Sampler' by Julian Cope?

Can't find it anywhere!

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