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March Beat Jam - Streetbeats & Fabio
beat jam thursday sessions presents fabio
march 27th 2003
10 - 3
fez club reading
£4 b4 11 - £6 after

featuring fabio, ultraviolet live pa, mc jakes, manikular, streetbeats residents

cant wait for this one. the last few beat jams have been rammed up, so as usual get there nice and early to avoid dissapointment.......

thanks to everyone who came down for goldie - what a massive night !!! hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did........see yo
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All good last night big up the UV P.A nice one chaps all good you know this!!! Good night & some GOOD NEWS - If U MISSED THE P.A - then u MISSED OUT!!!Wahey Gitarre2 Homerdrool Blue Nerve Strike Exxon Louieg Unsane Bobule Initial Ac Meta Scope Alteredego Jayraser Applause
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fabio just bigged up ultra violet on radio1!
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Fabio "Speed to Swerve" set at Traffic
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Fabio may be interested in this,how do I get him to hear it?
Always been a big fan of Fabio over the years and I reckon the Senses "All Over" track that I've signed would be right up his street ... I know his style has changed slightly over the last few years but I still reckon he'd be into this.

Just wondering if anyone knows how to get a CD to him?
Not that that's a guarantee that's he'll hear it of course but sending a CD off would be a start.
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Streetbeats - Fabio and Groovrider DnB Arena Album Launch
22nd july

fez club reading

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a-sides is a guest up on fabio now.
eastside is still one of my favorite labels. at 56 minutes in. Grin
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My warm-up set before Rohan / Fabio in Dublin last Friday...
dunno if anyone wants to host this... i'll show the tracklist and if anyone is interested i'll pass on the minidisc.

t'was alright part from ejecting the polska cd just after it dropped!!! [Image: http://www.subvertcentral.com/forum/imag...on_lol.gif]

... people thought it was a rewind though so no worries... !!!

1. pieter k - "it could have been you" (breakbeat science)
2. polar - "red triangles" (cert 1Cool
3. seba - "camouflage" (looking good)
4. polska - "dumster" (? d
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Photek & Fabio - No Joke
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My early set before Rohan / Fabio @ the TBMC, Nov 5th '04
From the URBAN SPRAWL night in Dublin.

mp3 download now available... (Thanks to Pez!!)



1. Pieter K - "It Could Have Been You" (Breakbeat Science)
2. Polar - "Red Triangles" (Cert 1Cool
3. Seba - "Camouflage" (Looking Good)
4. Polska - "Dumster" (? Dub)
5. Klute - "Leo 9" (Cert 1Cool
6. Digital - "Niagra" (Metalheadz)
7. Polska - "Burning Sun" (Subtle Audio Dub)
8. Polar & John

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