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good old fashioned hiphop tear up!
First off, propers to those that's built the site and thanks for the invite

I am boneca of dirtburg, a six piece live hiphop outfit, two emcees, 1 DJ and...the rest, recently described as "a new tongue-in-cheek hip-hop outfit spitting about sexual exploits and the finer details of their toilet habits to a funk-laced soundtrack of slack beats and chest-fuzzing bass"

Did you ever go to a hiphop show as a kid? do you miss the hi-energy throwdowns that have been replaced with a geezer mumbling
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How to view Logic Studio windows the 'old fashioned' way?
hi all, another dunce question.

just getting into logic studio and at first i thought the set editor windows at the bottom were a godsend, to just be able to click on a region and the appropriate editor opens underneath, perfect! in practice however, i feel a lot of screen real estate is lost this way, esp when using 15" macbook pro like i am....

i read somewhere there's a way to display for example, just the arrange page, and then bring up the matrix (or piano roll as it's been stuffily r
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[BASICS] A good old fashioned sit down
Dinner, pudding, music.

Pretty cool stuff!

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