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Three of my tracks - Feedback Always Appreciated!!
Pretty much my first adventures into the world of production. They're OK....will post some of my newer stuff online when i get it finished.....

These are all about 6megs each.....

Another Door :-

Walking Leather :- (badly eq'd towards the end haven't got round to fixing it yet)
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New tune sketch, feedback appreciated :)

woof, hope the link works... Just a sketch to a tune I am currently making, feedback, ideas (constructive) criticism appreciated... Anything you feel you would like to say etc.

Btw. Oceanic is the tuuuuune! Twisted
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new old track?!? feedback as per usual appreciated!
Author: beckett - Replies: 3 - Views: 714
Brand New : - Skeletor & Beckett - Get In [feedback purl
Started and Finished on this autumnal sunday afternoon.

Check it out.



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feedback requested, yo!
brand new idea i just finished working on. still in the jungle/dnb idiom (e.g. dotted 1/4 notes in the phrasing of the "stabs", alternating bars with different basses and drum riffs etc., the way some of the things sound etc.), in fact it's almost "techy", but the arrangement gets a little wacky with alternating "themes" and there's no substantial amount of time spent getting in the zone of one part (unlike some other tunes i do that just repeat for 20 minutes, it feels like)... but it "felt" ri
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feedback wanted: martsman - koma
since i'm new here i'd like to introduce myself with a recent
tnx in advance for your feedback! Grin

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Give Feedback to the Swiss referee from last nights game

The site is taking ALOT of hits right now, so you may have to wait til later to get on it,

bit apparently feedback is welcomed.....

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Feedback please ppl?
Ok dokey this is a tune I wrote with a friend called Michael Rivera a few years back. It does sound a bit dated now - but am thinking of just giving away a free 320kbps MP3 as a little promotional thing for the Nerve stuff on Beatport. But am not sure if the track is actually that great now. Its on a kinda dubby tip and uses a personal fave break of mine

Sooooo here it is - leave your opinion below or tick a box in the poll for anonymousness Smile

[url=]Paul Re
Author: Djlimon - Replies: 4 - Views: 751
A ruff test need the feedback on it
A lil somin I be workin on tell me what you think so far
Author: Beebe - Replies: 14 - Views: 1314
Edit tune, would love some feedback
This is something me and my friend have put together. Its still young , may need some EQing, but see if u like so far Teefslayer


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