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Sinister - ryder remix 2003!!! Angels Fell - Twisted reeemix
joking! hahahahahaha

but was wondering if you can help me...

what is that guy saying in the track - something like:

Angel, you are about to.....

And then that Cold Fresh sample comes in...

Also, where is that sample from in Angels Fell - I heard it on the Psyence Fiction LP onmowax - The angels fell.

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The Angels Fell - 7 minutes to go
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wow. didnt know that i fell into such a jazz oriented crowd!
nice to see!!!
so i guess for all you jazz heads out there, what are you into?
Right now i am playing a lot of Art Farmer, and of course John Coltrane...
more specifically:

1. John Coltrane + Johnny Hartmann - self titled
2. John Coltrane - Impressions
3. Art Farmer - Out of the Past
4. chicago underground trio - (newer group that has some promise...I'd be interested to see what you think of it)
5. art blakey and the jazz messengers - moanin'

(to stay up with the top five theme ru
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I fell off......
.....sold out, just sat on my fat arse, and made stuff like this:


yes it's the lp.
will make a decent thread with info and proper track names soon, when i can be arsed to Cool
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Dillinja - The Angels Fell
a little story to share with fellow subverts: recently i went back to my parents in the country for a weekend visit. there i still have lots of tapes in my old room which i went trhu on that occasion and found a mixtape from Amon tobin he did for a radio show a couple years ago. within that mix all of a sudden Amon dropped

Dillinja - The Angels fell.

pure genius. was this his peak?

......i still have to hunt down the vinyl of it hto

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