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Fierce People - Dirk Wittenborn
Marvellous book - finished it this weekend and I am still thinking about it....... Like a milder (in style) but but equally punchy (in terms of point-making) Bret Easton Ellis..........

Such a good story, I just had to see if anyone else has read it. Sodding brilliant, best book I have read for ages. Not as good as Glamorama, but not far off IMHO........
Author: Naphta - Replies: 22 - Views: 1803
D Bridge & Fierce
Seba played a new tune by these chaps on Saturday - a mellow/melancholy breaky roller and it was some lovely stuff!!! Not a clown or a filtered fart in sight! A good sign methinks..
Author: Code - Replies: 5 - Views: 594
Matrix & Fierce - "Climate" (Metro 007)
Just dug this out last night for a play... had forgotten how genius it is!



Love the atmosphere created in this one - the title says it all!

The really loud mechanical (completely devoid of funk) sounds combine so nice with the squirming bass... really is perfection!

I miss that type of tune!
Author: UFO_over_easy - Replies: 83 - Views: 4101
D-Bridge and Fierce - Daylight
nice tune.

just thought i'd post about it as lots of threads have been complaining about the "everything on 11" style of dnb... check out this tune. nice, deep, subtle keys, 808s, tasteful samples. not too fast, not too loud... Xyxthumbs
Author: Statto - Replies: 17 - Views: 1604
Fierce & Nico - Input
some serious bass or what?

Falcon Falcon Falcon
Author: bethom23 - Replies: 14 - Views: 1211
D Bridge vs Fierce - Twilight
forthcoming on quarantine Falcon

d bridge can't do no wrong atm, just like this track.

and for all 'clip or stfu' here it is:


great b-side, too:

Author: 8bits - Replies: 8 - Views: 751
Optical & Fierce Drumfunking!

Optical & Fierce - Weapon

from 2003 and re-released as a single today Jig

Author: cordani - Replies: 19 - Views: 1827
Ed Rush Trace Fierce Nico & Optical - "Edtrafienical"

i'll go on the record and say that this song right here embodies the dark sound to perfection. so heavy and funky- perfect balance of all the proper elements. this tune is the truth.
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BEAT OF THE DRUM -- MAY 12TH --Fierce, Commix, Sabre....
(quoting C1's DOA thread)

Fierce, Commix, Sabre, Unknown Factor (live Pa), DJ Dymond: 12th May :

With the Summer break approaching, the BOTD Dancefloor gets hotter, with 3 more DJ's on a mission to make you move. This month FIERCE takes over the BOTD 90 minute set, alongside Cambridge based combo COMMIX, DJ Dymond and Future Thinkin favourite, SABRE. We're also lucky to have a Live PA from Vibes Recordings UNKNOWN FACTOR, featuring Marque Gilmore on percussion. The Beat Of The Drum con
Author: safetyboy - Replies: 10 - Views: 677
fierce & break on 1xtra

fierce & break in the studio
fierce in the mix
fierce/break 'redline' (quarantine)
break 'cold sweat' (critical)
break 'catch off' (quarantine)
break 'evil twin' (symmertry)
break 'unknown' (quarantine)
break 'ringing ears' (quarantine)
nu tone 'missing link' (hospital)
break & noisia 'brain stitch' (break remix) (shogun audio)
silent witness/break/fierce 'knifepoint' (quarantine)
fierce/d bridge 'tyranny' (quarantine)


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