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So how was paradox last night??....... find out----->
if you had turned up sb crew, you'd have known!!!!!! but i'll tell you anyway......

Icon_eek Icon_eek Icon_eek Icon_eek Icon_eek Icon_eek

too fucking good man, the guy puts on a proper show. at one point (during aerosoul) he stopped the sequencer and shouted "this next part of drum programming took me 2 months... so check it out" then dropped the tune back in.... i was fucking laughing so hard!!!! he kept speeding tunes up to like 200 bpm and then stopping it and shouting "dont ever do th
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suddenly i find myself liking moby
1/21/2003 - New York City

do you ever get the feeling that the bush administration feels immune and protected from harm?
it seems as if bush and co. feel that no matter what they do there won't be negative repercussions for them.
here's a brief list:
1-well, for starters they lost the presidential election by 500,000 votes and then had their friends in the supreme court 'install' Bush in office and no one in the united states apart from a few weird musician (ahem) seemed to mind or compla
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Where can I find "reggae sound system" effects/sam
Greetings...I am new on this forum, heard about it from Tza who I do a radio show with in Oslo, Norway.

Its kinda hard to explain, but I am looking for effects/samples that are so commonly used in dub/reggae soundsystems, bleeps, rings, lazer sounds..etc. I know that one can buy these effect boxes as well, does anyone know where or how much? I cant find these effects on any samples/discussion forum I have been to.

Please help me as I am obsessed with these sounds Roll ... Notting Hill C
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So did anyone find out who Density was in the end?
Just got hold of Who Want's Some yesterday and on listening the the sound of the drums I though it does sound similar to the way Seba writes his beats as well as the obvious Photeky comparisons. Any more info on this?
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So I get back from work today to find.........
- A JCB with huge trailer in my front garden
- A Big white van parked at the from
- ALL the bushes and trees from the front of the house completely gone
- Two guys in th eback garden with chainsawas chopping down trees and bushes from the back garden
- A fire to burn it all

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Afternoon all

This will probably get moved somewhere else, but here goes... Smile

Can anyone ID the break used in that old Skanna tune - Find Me (1995 Bukem Essential Mix)

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where can i find info on recording/mixing 70s style funk?
gritty nasty meters/funk inc/JBs stlye.

im doing this project for uni. im recording a funk track, then sampling it to make a D+B track to reinforce my proposal that funk and D+B are the same music.

but, i know fuck all about getting that lo-fi 70s funk sound

any help???? i might also need some players, maybe trumpet?

thanks peeps
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do you find public humiliation empowering?
I find I get an adrenaline rush when I belittle people. Is this bad?
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For all your hard to find goodness
I havent seen someone posting this so I thought I would after seeing all the ebay auctions?

Have none of you seen the light and used http://www.gemm.com

I had a list of 20 fucking rare tracks and thats now down to 10 in one evening Smile

I hightly recommend this, have to search deep for the bargains.... like alex reece - i need your love for £10 that i got \o/
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Find amusing named places in the UK close to you

Close to me:

Pishill (map)
14.5 miles

Herbert's Hole (map)
22.3 miles

Golden Balls (map)
24.3 miles

Titty Hill (map)
26.7 miles

Balls Cross (map)
28.0 miles

Cock Pond (map)
29.4 miles

Knob Hill (map)
29.7 miles

Crotch Crescent (map)
30.5 miles

Tyttenhanger (map)
32.1 miles

Mincing Lane (map)
32.5 miles


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