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anyone here use tc powercore/powercore firewire dsp cards
do ya? do ya?
Author: DJFracture - Replies: 11 - Views: 652
Firewire HDs... any recommendations?
I need one for my G4. preferably about 100gig.

anywhere good in london? need it asap really. thanks
Author: DJFracture - Replies: 12 - Views: 699
FireWire HD crew... suggestions?
need on asap.
Author: denaris - Replies: 19 - Views: 878
USB or Firewire Soundcards
So my saga continues. I've now managed to get hold of a P4 3ghz HP laptop, very nice little thing as well, WiFi, decent Gfx card etc... costing me nothing Grin

I'm now very much considering getting rid of my tower PC while I can get a good price for it and get an external soundcard for the laptop that will also work on a Mac should I move to a Mac in the future.

Any recommendations, suggestions or steer clears?
Author: subvert - Replies: 13 - Views: 3199
FOR SALE: MOTU 828 MkII Firewire Audio I/F
Hello all

Im possibly selling my MOTU 828 MkII if the price is right...

Was originally £800. Now retails at £550.

Im looking for £450.

Its just a few month sold, in brand new condition. Boxed with manuals.

More info here:


[Image: http://www.motu.com/products/motuaudio/8...8front.jpg]

The 828mkII is equally well-suited for studio and stage, with or without a computer. As a c
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mackie dj mixer with firewire
Author: bhima - Replies: 23 - Views: 2103
Question about a Firewire interface...
I'm looking at getting one of these for location recording...

[Image: http://www.motu.com/products/motuaudio/t...erview.jpg]

I just have one question though...

Those firewire outputs... Will they carry all the individual channels of audio which are going in to it or would it just carry a main stereo output? There's no information on this at all... I would assume it would carry all the individual chann
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For Sale: SSL Duende + High Speed Firewire Card

due to a change in our circumstances this mix tool is no longer needed, if any of you guys are interested i am happy to demo it working and or haggle on price.

it comes with a pci high speed firewire card to ensure stable performance and it sounds amazing..
Author: Macc - Replies: 2 - Views: 1029
For Sale - Echo Audiofire 2 Firewire soundcard

if you want one, get in touch here by pm to make arrangements. great little card, excellent convertors, not being used any more.

ideally suited to machines with 6-pin firewire, which will supply power to the card. it does come with a uk power adaptor, just thought i'd mention that.


t'will be a good price Yes
Author: Stacks - Replies: 26 - Views: 2617
looking for a cheap USB/Firewire audio interface
Just to run my monitors from my imac - budget is about 200euro max. I only want 1 stereo pair out and a mic in might be handy) preferably firewire, as i have a spare slot Smile

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