Author: DJFracture - Replies: 4 - Views: 325
ive been defeated by the flu....
im no longer coming to beat jam Icon_sad
i feel fucked man....
Author: fanu - Replies: 45 - Views: 2124
Fecking flu + fever
why does one have to catch it every fall and spring?
been feeling soooo lame today.

sweating, cold, sweating, then cold again....tired, feels like my head weighed a ton.

fuck you flu n fever Thumbd
Author: esb - Replies: 22 - Views: 724
Unwind Sick Sessions : DJ Flu & MC Puke
[Image: http://www.uihealthcare.com/news/welland...es/flu.jpg]

monday night : 6pm-8pm EST
*click above to access*

date:monday march/22/04
time:6PM-8PM EST/11PM-1AM GMT
url: www.club246.com
ESB [urbnet/precision/s.c.]
Union [flak/bitterbrew]

Author: subvert - Replies: 0 - Views: 177
Bird Flu Could Kill 150m
Author: RP - Replies: 4 - Views: 361
Bird Flu
Blowing m' beek - hear me... atishoo
Bird Flu, Bird Flu, coming to get you
Situation in the sky is getting hectic
gotta spray me down with antiseptic

keepin all me KFC bredren under covers
stop them huffing an puffin like feathery danny glovers
Get weepy eyes and then they expire
So mans dem burn all birds pon fire

No bird plague yet hit the UK
But it's comin on strong not far away
marching forward like a tasty brass band
already it's hit romania and poland

Blowing m' beek - he
Author: djfada - Replies: 5 - Views: 311
scummy man flu
i swear i must have some super genetic sars or something Teef
Author: Goldenchild MC - Replies: 19 - Views: 3200
Missing bookings cos i got flu depreciation
Pissed, was looking forward to a good old rinse out last night...............but instead was stuck at home with flu!!!!! Icon_evil
Author: panda - Replies: 44 - Views: 2135
Swine flu
since we don't have a thread on this yet just wanted to say


Author: dj hades - Replies: 6 - Views: 944
my ex (mother of my youngest daughter) = SWINE FLU!!!

and i spent a couple of hours with her on sunday when she felt shitty


i felt terrible yesterday buttoday i am absolutely fine.

spoken to the doc, and i have to speak to him again tomorrow if i feel ropey again.

man...not a good look!!!!!

still.. the ex is on the old tamiflu now.

wish me luck fellow subverticals


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