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OT: Crazy Food Mixes
what are some crazy food concoctions you eat?

i eat things that are strange sometimes... Baffled

Wendy's french fries dipped in a Wendy's Frosty


chocolate covered pretzels
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Fast food can be as addictive as hard drugs research claims

By Danielle Demetriou
14 July 2003

High doses of fat and sugar in processed food can be as addictive as hard drugs, scientists suggest.

Research has revealed that the consumption of fast food can trigger chemical reactions in the brain, which can lead to overeating. It suggests that the biochemical changes caused by large quantities of fat and sugar are comparable to the addictive reactions caused by taking dru
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food health and life expectancy...
ok, every time i open a newspaper it has a story about some new food or something else that will harm me.

every day they announce some new environmental danger that might hurt me...

and if i listen to the counterculture, virtually everything i eat thats not grown in my garden (which is only carrots beetroot and lettuce right now) will poison me.

people seem to be developing allergies left right and centre...

but yet i am expected to live to 80 years old or more, nearly double my lif
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Fast Food Nation and the current state of BSE in the US
I just finished reading the 2003 edition of the book Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser and found it pretty ironic to read the epilogue about BSE when the US have just announced their first BSE positive test just this week.

Maybe this book has been discussed before but I found it touched me a great deal and I have really been filled with a wish to do something about all this, the big corporations marketing shit food to small children while their workers (and workers in the companies deliverin
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honest fast food place
Refreshing honesty from junk food chain, or malicious hackers?

A junk-food fan was left shocked and upset recently when his order at a Burger King drive-thru was declined on the grounds that he was "too fat".

The man ordered at the speaker but was told by the voice on the other end of the intercom: "You don't need a couple of Whoppers. You are too fat." He was then told to drive on.

While he may at first have assumed it was a member of staff at the Troy, Michigan, Burger King wh
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recipes for food to eat from your same sex lovers bumcheeks?
Anyone? Fancy a good savoury rim tonight but I've only ever done the sweet things - what toppings do you recommend. Maybe our dutch friends will have some ideas?

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Genetically modified food
multinationals on prowl for food dominance,
using the excuse it would reduce world starvation,
but would it.

do the mayority of the world community really care about the possible side effects of genetically modified substances,

i would care less if i did have nothing to eat everyday,

i would not care at all, as long kept ignorant about this subject.

and what is a discussion without action Xyxthumbs
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dj food - "skratch yer head (squarepusher remix)"
and also: 2 player - "extreme possibilities (wagon christ mix)"

both on ninja tune...

those two tunes really caught my attention, and really got me into d&b back in '95/'96...

i remember the thing about them that really did it for me was the drums...

and of course the part where squarepusher makes it sound like brushing your teeth, and the soulful breakdown in the midst of amen terror, the shit truly blew my young mind...

as i was listening to these two tracks w/ some friends the
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DJ Food Refried-food
There are a some on ebay at the mo and shouldn't be missed!!

A great remix series full of classics. - each double pack is a must buy for all mo wax / ninja heads


You have to buy pts 3 + 4 for the squarepusher remix of Scratch yer hed (For those that don't know what this is.......well......its beyond essential put it that way!) Wink
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food for thought for the democrats
i go this email from a newsgroup i subscribe to-a bit of food for thought...

If you're like me, the results of this election opened your eyes to the extent
to which the leadership of the Democratic Party is mismanaging our political
future. At some point, people like you and me have to get together and
communicate these profound misgivings.

We worked hard. We got out the vote. And we still lost by four million votes.

Yes it was close. Yes, we didn't have the best candidate. Yes, th

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