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Mr. T Says: Treat yor mother right! FOOL!

Rofl ooooohhh man this is pure GOLD! GOOLD!
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That right, I aint playin!! Shut up crazy fool.

Its friday and it time to reminisce over the best show of the 80's.

[Image: http://www.ateamshrine.co.uk/gallery/pub10.jpg]

Macguyver The only thing you fightin is your HAIRCUT, Fool better stop playin....aint no science in a MULLET you don johnson wannabe.

[Image: http://www.n-chicken.net/images/macguyver.jpg][/img]
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Norm Coleman is a fool.
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Total Science Mix / Springwater Mix / April Fool's Mix
I posted up a Tune ID Challenge after joining yesterday, but here are some mixes that you might be interested in. They have done some bandwidth so far this year...so please feel free to grab and listen. Hope you enjoy!

The Total Science Mix...this has done the most, and TS have even left me some feedback on DOA...hope you enjoy the history lesson!

1. Total Science - Love 2 U - Timeless
2. Total S
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PMs Doof ya big fool
Author: Ashes - Replies: 12 - Views: 1698
ZnO "i'm a big fool" GiG - April 1st
Polar Bar- Queens Rd April 1st

2 quid.

getting the geetars out for this baby.

Author: batfink - Replies: 3 - Views: 753
attn squat baldy fool
it'll be interesting to see how many squat baldy fools cheque dis thread out. Lol
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Not Your Fool EP feat. Theory, Mr Foul, Morphy, Flatliners, The Untouchables
Author: Statto - Replies: 9 - Views: 1171
Snooping (not an April Fool)
Government plans increased email and social network surveillance

David Davies, the former shadow home secretary who ran against David Cameron for the Conservative party leadership said the proposals represented an unnecessary extension of the power of the state to "snoop" on its citizens.

"It is not focusing on terrorists or on criminals, it is absolutely everybody," he told the BBC. "Histo

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