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Lets talk about Association Football
Its a game of two halves.
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National Loyalty in Club Football

If an English team is playing in Europe, I will support the English team, as I'd rather they win than lose. Even if its arsenal - although it is a close call on that one....

As such Ive been criticised by fellow Liverpool fans as not being a 'true' supporter - whatever!

Whats other fans views on this then?

And come on Liverpool tonight, caru has been publicly slating us.....an oft regretted move!

Coz Im :footy crazy, i'm :footy mad!
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Football Results
Well well well! Looks like the Gooners have had a good day all round. We beat the Geordies 1-0 and the both Liverpool and Man U lost! Only 1 point behind Liverpool now and its getting tight.
On top of that, my Fantasy Football team has done fairly well too. Lol
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Football Talk .............
Now we haven't hit this topic for a while and i think i know why ...........

1. Arsenal - 46pts - +21 Goal Difference
2. Man Utd - 41pts - +13 Goal Difference
7. Liverpool - 34pts - +8 Goal Difference

Now there seems to be some serious problems at Anfield.

'Houllier Out !!' Baffled
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How can I blag a football conversation with a man?
[color=cyan]I know quite a lot about football for a lady. But recently this evil mans dem in the pub is determined to trip me up all the time on stuff (I don't support a team so instead I have quite a lot of knowledge of the careers of individual players and talk about football without that passion, which must do his head in).

Anyway, anyone know where I can get condensed info about football short of memorising the league tables since 1888? I haven't really followed the premiership for a
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Another fantasy football league
If anyone fancies joining the DOA one, was a good laugh last year Footy


Craig proper bo!
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Football Krew
Oh yes...we have reached that point....

im thinking about watching the game in my local Kebabary...where my fren Hakan serves up the finest Pedigree Chum available to man or beast.

Failing that i will attend my regular boozer and proceed to witness a Great day in English Association Football.
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Favourite Football Result
Div 1 Play-Off Final 2002/03
Wolves 3 - Sheff UTD 0
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ATTN Football cru.....Check this out!!!
Check out todays column from The Times' Martin Samuel......

One of the funniest things Ive ever read!!!!!!!! Lol Lol

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Favourite Football Game That Got Out Of Hand.
Forest against some other team from division one in a game a few years ago. Harewood buttheadin' people and people sent off after 15 minutes. A player on the other team scored a goal when he should have kicked the ball over to Nottingham after a incident where a player was injured. Shit got hectic after that incident!

Quality stuff. Lol

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