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Formatting my PC's Hard Drive - any tips?
After using PCs for donkey's years, I've finally decided to give my latest pooter a good format and start from scratch, just one thing though - I've never done it before - what do I need to bare in mind, is it just a case of getting a command prompt up on start up, typing 'format c:' and then using my system recovery disc, or am I being woefully naive? Any help would be muchos appreciated! Grin
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Formatting Ashes's Hard Drive - any tips?
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Low level formatting the HD - bad?
Ok let's face it first; I'm not a computer genius but I've always rocked on with my intuition etc.

Got this Seagate IDE harddisk yesterday (also an external Lacie drive). The Lacie came with a program called Silverlining, which supposedly is some Win version replacement of dos's Fdisk so I decided to format the Seagate with it while in Win; I went for "low level format" as I thought that'd be the proper way to format a new HD.
Well obviously it wasn't - or was it?

The procedure has now be
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Technical question - RAIDS and formatting for dual platforms
So - Im upgrading my external memory.

Im going for 2 samsung 1TB drives and want to arrange them as a RAID.

Ive found this 2 drive enclosure: http://www.storagedepot.co.uk/Networking.../p725.aspx which looks like it will do the job at a reasonable price.

The question is this: if I format these as 1TB FAT32 drives (using this software http://www.allensmith.net/Storage/HDDlimit/FAT32.htm) so I can read them on MAC and PC, will the RAID functionality still
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