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The Four Reasons - removal of this administration
The Four Reasons
why "We The People" must
 remove the current administration of
The United States of America

0. Operation Iraqi Freedom is illegal within the framework of the laws of the United States Constitution and the United Nations Charter.

1. The war on Iraq has been planned for many years by the Project for the New American Century (PNAC),a
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Girl with four eyes, two mouths and two noses born in Nepal
Kathmandu, June 10, (UNI) Hundreds of people thronged the house of Sitaram Chaudhary in Saptari district in eastern Nepal to have a glance at the new born girl child with four eyes, two mouths and two noses.

Shamvawati, 24, wife of Chaudhary gave birth to the girl child yesterday, reported an English daily Kantipur.

As news of the birth of such a child spread, people from far and wide rushed to Mr Chaudhary's house to worship her as an incarnation of Goddess Bhagawati.

''The baby girl
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four days in...
quitting smoking and i'm four full days into it. gotta say i feel good, i feel good. no absolutely terrible cravings yet... haven't been out drinking yet, that'll be the real test. Wink
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four thousand
holy feck SubvertBot, I now have 4000 posts. How do you feel about that?
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Esoteric Funk LP is now a four track 2x12"...
according to paradox on doa, in order to make it more dj friendly, and to boast more cd exclusives, the esoteric funk lp will now only be a 4 track ep.

this is the worst news in ages, and means i have to buy both the cd and the vinyl Thumbd Icon_cry i'm sure there's a good reason, but i'm worried by this trend of not releasing full albums on vinyl...
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Four Tet vs. Hella: Single of the year (so far)
Got this today, apparently the first in a series of split singles called Div/orce on Ache Records from Canada.
The Four Tet track ('Both when I am alone and we both are') is basically built around a naive acoustic guitar riff and jazz drum samples, and the whole thing falls completely apart as the track progresses. Out-of-sync sample fractures, chaos and randomness etc., but instead of becoming a super technical glitch headfuck it somehow remains uplifting and just nice Grin
Nothing like Hella,
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Four more years
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AO-Four Corners EP
I love it, though I really hoped Monkeyface would see vinyl, oh well. BIG UP!!!
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gang of four-entertainment to be reissued
this has been out of print for a while-cool to have a proper version of it.

Gang of Four to Reissue Entertainment!

...But Gang of Four seem particularly hellbent on reviving their younger selves, first with a reunion album that, they've announced, will actually be split between re-recordings of their old songs and reworkings of songs by the bands they've influenced... and now with a reissue of their classic Entertainment!, an album that, with all due respect, they've already failed to outd
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Gang of Four
I know nothing about this band. Tell me more please. I have heard them mentioned on here before and their 'best of' CD is dead cheap in the shops at the moment.



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