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What about cryogenically freezing people?
[color=cyan]I have been doing lectures about cold stuff for 15-year-old girls visiting my university. I was talking about how it's silly to cryogenically freeze people like they do in Hollywood because when you thawe dout your cell membranes would all be burst (since water takes up less volume than ice, so when the water in your body froze your cell membranes would rupture and you'd turn to mush)....


....how do they freeze sperm and eggs, they are a cell...

...and what
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Im freezing.....
Oooh - im a bit nipply!
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Computer Freezing
The G4 in the studio ATm is driving me completely nuts.
It's been crashing ever since I installed it ifor studio use. And it's crashing in a particularly spectacular fashion.

Freezes within 5 minutes (usually sooner) of running Logic 7.1 Pro.
Requires powerdown at socket.

I've tried every possible angle at troubleshooting it - I thought at one point I had the problem identified in the form of a dodgy SCSI card - but it seems now that I was wrong.
Tried reinstalling (fresh), verifying/r

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