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French instigating again?
Well, I was quite impressed with the French's stance about the war. Not neceserally (?-spell?) their views, but the way they defied the 'mainstream' and their arguments.
But I have just found out that the French; who are saying that the UN should carry on with weapon inspections; actually where the ones who 3 years ago, where against weapon inspectors, when the UN propossed that bill... so in a word, they just seem to be trying to oppose everything...
If they had, had their ways 3 years
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french toast
Homerdrool Falcon


i bet [you] likes it too Rofl
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"smell the exhaust, kind of like french fries huh"
...just got back from jamming at the Thirsty Bear bar&grill with my drummer man Jason, he just got back from a monthlong US tour with an eleven piece band... and guess how much money in fuel they spent for the whole trip???????????????????

...less than $400 US... they ran on mostly vegetable frying oil in the diesel engine!....
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Insulting French Photo Caption Of The Day

Quote:A British hooligan in the streets of Belgium. The typical Briton is polite, witty and phlegmatic, but lacks a certain style and has a dental hygiene issue while having an occasional drinking problem(AFP/EPA/File)

[Image: http://us.news2.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/p/a...89x263.jpg]
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Le Building / french animation short
I'm dancing polka here to this little animation short Grin
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Attn.Any French/Parisian Subverts???
If there are any :P

I'm thinking about coming across fow a week or mabye two during me hols probably some time in september. I was just wonderin if theres any good d'n'b nights in Paris or nearby Icon_question
Awnsers on a postcard to this thread.
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'The french fuck chickens'
Imagine the scene... I'm at a party in a big old Georgian house, very drunk. We've all been in the pub for hours. So i stagger downstairs to get myself a beer (it's been kept outside the back door to keep it cool). In the kitchen there are a few people chatting away and I see that one of them (an old college buddy) is busy in a heated argument with some girl I've never seen before. He mentions 'the French" this is my cue.. I drunkenly roar "THE FRENCH EAT HORSE AND ALSO... FUCK CHICKENS". 'What
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i believe the french would say....
"Qui est ton pere?"

after extensive searching, wheeling, dealing, and scheming......i finally picked up a mid-70's fender rhodes mark I stage model on the weekend!


Homerdrool x 10000000000000000000000

i'll post up some audio of the sweetness in action later. (even though i'm a GASH piano player.....that's why i got it....to learn!)

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french promoters?
hello just wondering if there are any french promoters here. I represent Offshore records and im coming to paris in january.
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Attn: French and/or Austrian Promoters
Or anyone in Europe that has an event on June 15th...

I need another gig in order for this to happen.

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