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Errrr... is it just me or is the front page fukd?
ok, so if i go 2 http://www.subvertcentral.com/forum, i get about 8 pages of blank, followed by the usual front page. this has been going on for 2 days.

so imagine, the normal page, preceeded by:

< br >
< br >

times about 200

then the normal front page. i'm using ie6 although i believe i had the same thing with opera at work.

safe ma nerds....
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Venus Transit in front of the Sun!
Author: Sir Loris of Crowthorne - Replies: 6 - Views: 434
Gmail front page 01-04-05
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3 topics that arent related to dnb on the front page.
I know i like to whine but this is getting ridiculous.

lets talk about something else as well please.

. Icon_cry Roll Icon_cry
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OfCom says pirate radio is a front for Drugs and Crime.
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funk.45.mix #14 - To The Front
[Image: http://djbluewater.com/blue_web.jpg]

Here's an early X-mas gift! The next installment of funky soul 45s to get your holiday party on the good foot.


Betty Harris - There's A Break In The Road
You Blew My Mind - Vernon Garrett
Mickey and The Soul Generation - Football (Miles Edit)
King Roosevelt and The Soul Syndicates - I Don't Care What You Do
Don Pierce - This Funky
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Tonight I was called at work for an emergency at the hospital involving my partner and my unborn sprog.

As I left frantically riding up Edward St with full on snow blasting in my face, I looked at myself and saw 'the dad rushing to birth' scene from a film lol.

I can laugh now as it's all ok, but I tell ya, as a man being physically detatched from the pregnancy, just waiting for 'the moment', the birth,
that time when i hold my child and it's reality...

I experienced my first REAL feel
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more bad news on the indy front...spotters gather
treepeople vs. archers of loaf compendium...

link coming

not going to be so kind as to setlist it either. i wanna see the geeks spot.
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ICR - Back 2 Front promos out now

Out on 12" Vinyl Promo

[Image: http://img402.imageshack.us/img402/4289/...a05ha3.jpg]
Artwork by http://www.foldesign.com

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Dissident to the front office please
Where you at Stan?

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