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Latest Gain / G2 and related news >>>>
Launch of new Gain Recordings Site: http://www.gainrecordings.net

For New Releases & Forthcoming related releases, audio samples:


We are also loooking for new demo's all the time, again follow links to the Gain site and post up your audio.

Also don't forget available in the shops now:

G2 Recordings http://www.g2recordings.co.uk

G2007 - Paul B & STA - Licensed 2 Kill / Marathon
G2006 - Monkey
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4 sale: Behringer Tube Ultra Gain Pre and Aphex Aural Ex...
Hey, selling my Behringer Tube Ultra Gain Preamp... $100 us dollars
(plus the shipping obviously)

And an Aphex "Acoustic Exciter" model 1401 with Big Bottom Stompbox ... $65 usd ...

The "acoustic exciter" works more than fine on anything non acoustic, if you read the specs it's pretty much the same as the bass or guitar ones.... I've used this to get some ungodly low end on sublines, and kicks, and add bite to snares, hats etc... Also works as a DI box as well.

Drop me a reply, a ma
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n00bs - gain structure
This is from a PM convo with Senator Adam, it may be a bit vague until you get used to things, but it might help...

Macc Wrote:[quote=Senator Adam]To answer your question I don't have a method with the master fader besides adjusting it so the audio doesn't clip.

i.e. turning it down, right? Grin

[quote]It seems to always work fine for me (my mixes usually sound alright) so I haven't explored much in that area. I know that I need to though, and I will read up on the right metho
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Simple gain box
Alright chaps Smile

So I need some pointing in the right direction. Often at gigs I need to sort out a secondary mixer, literally so that I can get my headphones loud enough to compete with the club sound system. Then I can run my feed into that, plug my cans in, and have a volume knob handy in case I need to adjust it during the gig.

Of course, I could buy a little mixer, but it's more weight, especially with the power supply etc etc - and I am already lugging half a drum kit and a laptop (
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adding gain to recorded tracks....
hey all,

i had a little recording session over here with some cool instruments yesterday and i'm about to get into mixing it down.

a few tracks in certain takes are, on average, a fair bit lower in signal strength than others.

whats the best policy to even out the levels before getting into the nitty gritty with the mixing?

would you tend to normalize, or perhaps pre-process the track through some kind of a plug in that would add some 'desirable' harmonic distortion and then sta

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