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all i can say is this is wicked!

starbuck and boomer are birds.

appolo has had sum sort of romance with starbuck

baltar has got sum cylon bird who shags him for information..and she is HOT stuff..lol

the dude that was the police captain in miami vice is adama

the cylons look fucking mad

the spaceships look fucking wicked

the programme is actually quite good....

overall this is the best sci fi series i have seen in years.

its on sky 1 on tuesday nights at 9pm.

for al
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i just finished watching the new battlestar galactica series
good stuff! well made. nice plots. good characters. defo one of my fav series atm, shame it's over now Neutral

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Royce & Freesteppa - Galactica VIP / Zeal & Brainwash - Away VIP [Steppasoundz 010]

Releasedate: late 2009 / early 2010
Distribution: nu-urbanmusic.co.uk / beatport.com

ROYCE & FREESTEPPA - Galactica VIP (Zeal & Litta Rmx)


ZEAL & BRAINWASH - Away VIP (Zeal & Litta Rmx)


(myspace musicplayer snippets)

more infos asap...
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Renegade Hardware: Maztek - Galactica/Odyssey[HWARE22]
Renegade Hardware: Maztek - Galactica/Odyssey[HWARE22]

[Image: http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h52/AX..._800px.jpg]

Renegade Hardware are pleased to welcome the newest recruit to the label's ranks. A producer who has steadily been building a dedicated following over the last few years with his consistently solid releases and clinically crisp production style. He goes by the name of Maztek, and we present you with his highly anticipated debut single on Hardware.


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