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gameboy advance sp - lcd screen
anyone have any idea where i can buy one, mine is cracked across the top.. this is ok for some games like street fighter and mario kart but anything like metroid or zelda i need to read the txt and cant Icon_sad if i send it 2 nintendo it costs £40 i could buy a new one for that... Oops
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Baseck - Gameboy Thrashin' Turntable Bangin' [Original Mix]
Here's a 31min mix from Baseck of 8 original tracks, composed on 2 gameboys (using the bootleg music sequencer Little Sound DJ) plus deranged vocals & razor sharp scratching.

[Image: http://baseck.net/wordpress/wp-content/u...t10x10.jpg]

Direct MP3 Link:

Track Listings:

All Banged Up
Thrash Dance
Remain in the Muck
Hooptie Rollin’

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