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general relativity explorer

check this if you're interested in einstein's thing

pretty interesting stuff and quite popular so its ok if you arent a physics academic

plus, southampton has the biggest relativity research group in europe apparently, so you know, thats quite respectable
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mbeat feet general levy - incredible
The true junglist tune that smahed its way into the charts, showing the masses what jungle music is all about! Twisted hee hee Lol

ok, does anyone know the lyrics, I looked on the net but can't find anything! I need the lyrics as I have a gig as an mc 2moro night and I know the people at this gig love those lyrics, can someone help me out? I don't want my knee caps to get busted up by the crowd!

all I knew is to keep sqeezing my ballz to get that 'eeeee eeee' high pitched sound!
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attn SWISS SUBVERTS et swiss people in general
i will be playing in Zurich tonight for the MUTE crew...

anyone one in the area would be good to meet ya..

ive heard the snow is good (shame i aint got enuff time to go boarding)

[Image: http://www.mute.ch/Images/flyer/2004/liq...hts_14.jpg]
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DJ SS and general Rollidge appreciation thread!
Bring back the Rollers! I never hear anybody on this forum but me banging on about old SS stuff, but I can't be the only appreciator, surely? Surely one of the very few old skool d+b producers who REALLY got stuck into his drums AND his bass...

Too many great tunes to mention (and I don't have even a quarter of 'em), but...

Rollers Music
Hearing Is Believing
Black (and the VIP mix argh!!!)

Recntly got one of the 'Rollers Convention' EPs too - anyone know the 'Tribal Gatheri
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general forum thread — opinions please
subvert central is:
1) an internet forum for musical and subversive issues (click here)
2) a fledgling record label for eclectic drum and bass, jungle and associated genres (see below)
3) a wholly internet-based label (sc:digital) for all styles of underground electronica (click here)
4) a worldwide community with a pluralist approach to dnb - in which all styles can be
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General Election Today.................
Im not really that political a person and have to say im still undecided who to vote for at the moment....... Baffled

I dont want to vote for Labour again this time, Tony Blair has lost the trust of people especially after the Iraq war and WOMD saga Icon_evil

I cannot bring myself to vote conservative even though i may agree with some of their policies

Which leaves Lib dems.....an option...but they are not gonna win are they...

So that leaves the Green party, maybe more by default, but i
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Subvert Central Vol.1 general release
ok, so a lot of the people who registered have now been sorted out
might as well open things up for everyone else...

sc vol.1 is now available for purchase
3x12" vinyl ep for the non-profit price of £10 + p&p

in case anyone has forgotten what this is... Wink

subvert central vol.1
= vinyl triple pack, comprising:
001a: alpha omega - swingers
001b: alpha omega - militant thoughts
002a: blue - suck
002b1: blue - nextploitations
002b2: blue - my mind is going
003a: pieter k -
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General synthesis questions

I'm become somewhat dissatisfied trying to create sounds by trial and error. For instance, in programs like Absynth I have a hard time keeping envelope properities as precise as I'd like to. Keeping the sounds "Snapped to time"(Sorry about any missuse of terminology, I'm rather new at this) seems troublesome. I'd like to be able to imagine a sound, input ADSR parameters, and refine the process until I am satisfied with the similarity between the finished sound and my inital imagined s
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Short Circuit Sampler????? Whats the general feeling?
Just checked this out...

Seems nice and simple but powerful..
Any quick reviews from other users...?

One bit I read on it mentioned its similarity to the way Yamaha approached sampling on the A series (I had an A3000) which sounded promising.

Once I got my head round the A3000, I was only held back with that sampler by the normal limitations of hardware faffing, zipdrives and recall, so if its similar (but better) the Short Circuit sounds pretty cool.
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General Relativity 'one hundred million trillion times' out

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