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gift for your girlfriend
and a nice view too...


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As promised, since im new.. a tune of ours as a gift for u..
As I said in my first post I will post a link to a tune of ours as a gift for entry into the Subversive Society....

Any comments are very appreciated.... Negative or Positive..... Cool
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A Special gift from The Hoff
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a gift for lata
[Image: http://www.tepapa.govt.nz/NR/rdonlyres/9...eb_350.jpg]

a garden orbweb spider. so pretty and such a nice range of colours.

this variant (Eriophora pustulosa) is a native of australia, but came to new zealand under its own power. its young take to the sky on wings of silk and float about. some floated across the tasman sea and ended up here. thats 2000km of floating. there are lots living on and around my house. they look quite special when t
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Sony's got a little gift for you

[quote]The Cover-Up Is the Crime

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Wired News Staff | Also by this reporter

02:07 PM Nov. 02, 2005 PT

Sony BMG is facing a cacophony of criticism this week following the revelation that some of its CDs are packed with special copy-protection software that conceals itself with an advanced hacker cloaking technique. We think the company is getting off easy.

The firestorm began when Mark
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Mommy mommy I want this watch as my x-mas gift!
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The Valentine gift that kills all other valentine gifts...
This evening my valentine gave me....


Brown and Dangerman - Dreams of another world/Ideas for the ear to fear- Stronghold - strong1




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The perfect stalker gift
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A gift from me to you - DER BESTEST MIX TOOL EVER
and no, i am not joking. No

slap this on your master out (in slots 1-6 cubase cru), see how different it sounds. if your mix sounds enormously different (listening past the obvious compression), then something ain't right.

the other day i alllmost couldn't tell whether it was on or off (cos the tune had a continuous long bass).

oh, and don't leave it on when you mix your tune down Hahaha

Lovesmilie Lovesmilie Lovesmilie
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Gift/Shaka Warrior telepathik 002 promos about now!
Just got a pm from a dj


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