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mc convention : part 2

saturday 22nd march 2003
the stratford rex
361-373 high street, stratford, london, e15
9pm - 6am allnight

in the main arena

live p.as by

shabba · skibadee · det · ic3

alongside mcs

junior dangerous · ragga twins · yardie · supa · fearless ·
j swif · cd · eksman · riddla · spooky

brockie, nicky blackmarket, hype
ruffstuff, profile, live-o, runt
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i'm gonna bash! my neurosis cd's have been nicked!
start a thread whilst at work at fresh central regatding neurosis.....
come home to look for the afformentioned artists on cd....gone!
still have "pain of mind" and "souls at zero" on vinyl .....but my
"word as law" and "enemy of the sun" cd's are gone!

had a roomie a few years back whom i figured had sticky fingers...
he knew i had so many cd's that it would take me a few to realize
i was missing some crucial disks (my cd's get neglected large.....
in terms of the attention ratio gi
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RAINBOW... you are gonna love this
its a forward thing but pretty funny, def' one of the best i've had so far...


As i know some of you love Rainbow, i will appologise now... I couldnt help it Smile But its so funny!!!!!!!!

For those of you who don't have kids or are far too young to remember the splendid children's TV programme 'Rainbow', this may be a little lost on you...... but it must have been a great episode to watch! Almost too ridiculous to believe... These are taken from original Rainbow scripts and there's no
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all you film buffs are gonna hate me but...
xmen 2 rocks!

shnickerty shnick
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Pursley on Doa?..i'm gonna get flamed.!!

I have to say that i was appalled to read this ridiculous thread and Mr Naphta WHY?????
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I'm gonna split from you leftie fekkers.
I'm sick of seeing you lot on other forums dropping names like Offshore, Bassbin, Inperspective, Breakage, Paradox, Polska etc etc in rants about the cause and then not Streetbeats or Blue!!

Do i/we not fit in to your requirements of being a leftie or am i/we too radical?

you lot are left of field dnb and i am Radical dnb.

(this rant does not apply to Naphta)

sort it out you fekkers or i'm off.
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it's gonna be a-ok!!!
...if we all keep pushing what we believe in in a positive way

this guy Dr. Nemo posted something on DOA, in a thread complaining about the staleness of modern day jungle (4pages in 1 day):

"@ D&B is totally healthy...This the way the scene has always been. Every musical movement in D&B has always been a reaction against some other music in D&B.

@ Like the Darkside in 93 was all about reacting against the commercial Ardkore Rave clowniness of that era. The Ragga Jungle in 94 thing was
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what labels & dj's pushing the sound are gonna submit?
with school about to go back it's crucial to start pushing these sounds....

i have slots open for monthly or bi-weekly (if demand permits its) to
stream a guest mix put together by those involved in the movement.

so if you have material or mixes to broadcasted in my "unwind radio
sessions" or "detuned radio" shows please let me know you are out

need concrete commitments too. i can't advert upcoming shows
and not have the dj's submit me stuff...

let's get this thing going
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Not gonna be around for a while ........
afraid i am following in the footsteps of naphta and going awol on subvert central for a while, i will still be checking up on everyone and you can pm or txt if you need me Xyxthumbs

i will still be at all the bumjams and hopefully invited on all the subvert raids .............. be warned subvert paintball is being organised Nervous

don't worry everything is cool just a few things need my attention for the next couple of months.

take it ez all Wink
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Producers: What break are you gonna chop next?
Asking, just for kicks....

I think I wanna go for Purdie's "Pretty Funky Drummer"



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