Author: Düffah - Replies: 32 - Views: 1329
I'm gonna get me some Nike Air Düffahs!
Author: philly element - Replies: 3 - Views: 362
tonight yo on bassdrive gonna be rocking sum streeeeetbeatzz
[cheesesteaks 'n tastykakes] 11/10/03

[sup yall]
big ups to the winner of johnny l's 27hrs a day cd (darren majesty) big ups mang for coming off proper in that contest !!! woot woot


tonights theme is cheesteaks n tasty kakes, 2 of the best things in the world that exist only here in philly period. bitch. haha jk

[tonights show]
chek it out we got the dj flashback coming by for a hott minute to show us off some of his scratching skillz along with your host the dj tags, tonig
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TONIGHT : aka : the whatcha gonna do this weekend topic
goin with the girl to Progression Sessions in Rotterdam with

-vincent & cedar

some dutch djs as well

wooh, nice night out, dancing up 2 eachother....yeah baby

Jig Johndoe :mrsjohndoe:
Author: polygon - Replies: 22 - Views: 1294
are the offshore/ohm 10"'s gonna be released properly
or is it just that subscription thing??
Author: Code - Replies: 122 - Views: 5843
So, what's gonna be the biggest tune @ the All-Nighter?

I presume we're not gonna hear a parallel with some of the big nights in the UK where you get one or two tunes hammered in every set?

Probably not... but still there will probably be one or two things which get repeated, so what is the BIG tune gonna be?

Is "Acid Rain" still THE breaky highlight or is there a pretender to the throne?



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Gonna take a long-ass break from posting on the Internet
Those who know, know.
It's getting fucking ridiculous.
Author: seanie mack - Replies: 4 - Views: 288
uk peeps-anyone gonna check this show?
MUSIC: Upcoming
Danger Mouse w/ Prince Paul and Sage Francis

when: Wed 28 Apr (7pm)
where: Scala (275 Pentonville Road, N1, 020.7833.2022)
Tube: King's Cross
price: £12.50 advance

Aside from three tracks, file Danger Mouse's The Grey Album under "Better in Concept Than Execution", which, truth be told, ain't a bad place to be (also there: Sgt. Pepper's, Prodigy, small children). The DJ's now-infamous mash-up of maybe the greatest rapper ever (Jay-Z) and maybe the greatest
Author: linus - Replies: 4 - Views: 176
SCOPE? whens the beatjam pics gonna be up?
Author: bobule - Replies: 17 - Views: 1463
bobule in 'just bought a push bike and gonna get fit' shocke
ahh i forgot the joy of cycling! going to cornwall in 2 weeks with my bike and a portable recording device.... sampling and cycling what a combo!
Author: Blue - Replies: 65 - Views: 3907
I'm gonna be a dad.

yes it has finally happened to me!! Cant quite believe it.


March 2nd baby Blue is due.

right, i'm off to look for a proper job. Grin

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