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BarKnowledge - this friday. whose gonna reach?
Every 4th Friday Of The Month
@ Cafe 1001, Dray walk (Off Brick Lane) London E1

Deep & Tougher Beatz For The Weekend!!

24 November: Craggz & Parrallel Forces, Haze, Silver, Buzzby

22nd December Psylence, Modified Motion, Fusion, Haze
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Brothers Gonna Work It Out
anybody else really get into this when it came out? i used to listen to this album on repeat back in tha day hehe

[Image: http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B00000...ZZZZZZ.jpg]
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Goldie is gonna freak when he sees this!
Author: fynjy - Replies: 2 - Views: 500
DSOUNDZ007: Kubrak - You're gonna need my love
Hey! Enjoy our next release - DSOUNDZ007!

Artist: Kubrak
Title: You're gonna need my love
Type: mp3
Release date: 21.01.2007

[Image: http://deformed-soundz.com/imgrlz/kubrak-ygnml_700.jpg]

Aww yeah! Another great tune by Russian artist from Omsk - Kubrak. This guy will smash your feelings with his tune - [b]You're gonna need my love[
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Cinematic Orchestra -> I'm gonna...
... JEDIcrying !!!

i Lovesmilie them & their music... Yes
i just wanted to say it! Oops
exaggeration mode on!?!

currently listening ''channel 1 suite''
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Gonna get to play on a huuuuuuuge soundsystem!

Lately, the Finnish music forums as well as press have been praising the soundsystem that is to be installed in a club called Redrum in central Helsinki.

Funktion-One soundsystem is said to be among the best there is: just check the site and see where their systems are used.
They say the bass is MASSIVE and the sound in general is said to be pristine as hell: they say that's "the Ferrari of soundsystems": e.g., the woofers produce 30-140Hz clea
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How many times is AO gonna refer to quitting dnb?
my money is on the figure 134....

bets please!


Kisskiss @ AO
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Colour Me Badd - I'm Gonna Sex You Up - Alpha Omega remix

<------ here's the video Teef
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I'm gonna be a DAD!
Falcon Falcon Falcon
Drums Drums Drums
Jig Jig Jig
Nervous Nervous Nervous
Hyper Hyper Hyper
Wtf Wtf Wtf

beter get that filterbank fast! Chin Teef
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gonna see CHRIS ROCK tonight
Icon_yippee can barely contain myself. thats right, chris rock in hawaiʻi, sold out show. so looking forward to this!

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