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It's never gonna be as good as the original but....
I wouldn't mind seeing how this film would turn out....

Author: Lephrenic - Replies: 2 - Views: 291
You gonna get RICKROLLED!!!
Whatever you do, don't CLICK HERE

(for those who can't resist, you may need to ctrl alt del)
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97-00 track with the "I know... you're gonna want me" vox?
Some track I've had in my head from a mix tape I got really early on but can't find now...
it has those oldschool "I know, you're gonna want me, but when you want me, it might be a different story" vocals, except I think they're cut up as to say "I know.... you're gonna want me... I know.... it might be a different story".

I know a ton of tracks used those vox, but presumably not many 97-2000 tracks were using them?
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Who you gonna call? Naphta!
so i downloaded that 2002 mix from naphta, loaded it up and bossed it in work yesterday. really liking the hand rendered type at the moment and no smoking and display egyptian condensed bold were really working for me...

so end of day yesterday i have pretty much whole spread of comic done and this nice little science section done.

[Image: http://photos-d.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-s...9_4128.jpg]

got into work first thing this morning and the edito
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"Here's a Grand, What'cha Gonna Do?"
Good article from techno leg end and mastering engineer Chris McCormack
on how you may well be better investing in your room before that
lush piece of analogue gear.


The final kick up the hole I need to sort out my room as it identifies a lot of the mix down problems that have left me quite deflated at times.
(he mastered my first release on behalf of the label
I was gunning for em to go with SC Mastering but they seem to
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Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit = Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up?
Haha, apparently so!


Not that that in anyway makes me rethink my love Nirvana. Funny though. I'm at work so i can't really check, but i'm gonna have a look when i get in.
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[HEAVY-HEART] Gonna be away from my vinyl collection for a year
Off to Montreal at the end of the month and I'll be living there for a year... not really gonna be any to bring much (or any!) vinyl with me.

Gonna be a killer for my radio shows etc - always loving being able to play some oldies and there are also alot of recent bits I only have vinyl copies of...

Bye bye to these (and some others not listed) : http://www.discogs.com/collection?user=Code_NKK

[Image: http://forums.intpcentral.com/images/smi...violin.gif]
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Adventure Call - A pissed off caller is gonna kill Falconhoof

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