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philly element weekly goodies for mon feb 9th
[philly element] music news & weekly releases for Feb 9th 2004

[Tonights show - philly element monday feb 9th 2004 10pm EST]

Tonight i have a few presents in the box, for starters i have a few new goodies from (Motion Theory) that are just absolutely smashing, and a few goodies from (duo infernale) along with a bunch of new stuff from the record store, so yeah be sure to tune in at 10pm EST 9pm CST to http://www.bassdrive.com you can reach us at anytime thru aol instant messenge
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Seba vs. Paradox mix + other goodies
Here's a set I was itchin to do for quite while but never got around to. Actually, I was waiting for the Esoteric Funk LP to come out on vinyl (gah)... Anyhow, here's 2 of my favorite drum & bass musicians back to back for 60 minutes.


SEBA vs PARADOX Tribute mix - September 2004
(right click & save as)
01 Alaska & Paradox - Space Age (Good Looking)
02 Seba & Lenk - Pieces (Secret Operatio
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ebay: last few hours - loads of goodies!

give it a check!

more will be added soon

all the best!
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records for sale (goodies 4 nerds)
Post your wants & offers IN THIS THREAD
Will ship US and UK only.
All records are in great shape. Details are for more for people who want to make sure they look nice in the bin.

LGR034 / LGR035 Looking Good
A. PFM - Sakora
B. PFM - Summer Boy
C. Alaska & Paradox - Uncertain Journey
D. Cedar - Distant Images

Track to check is Alaska & Paradox's Uncertain Journey. Ridiculous and relentless break onslaught with an infamous sample cut and pasted from The Omen II: Damien. (Wh
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Here you go you moaning bastards.Teef

Something to lighten up your day.

There's a caption competition on the Paradox site...

"ahh yes.. do you worst!.. the winning photoshoper with speech
bubbles explaining the conversation between paradox and chris inp wins a
goodie 12" bag full of paradox, esoteric and outsider releases. email the
entries to info@paradoxmusic.com
Closing date mid August.

Here's the pic...
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more goodies added!!!!
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ENJOY presents ON AIR Pt.1 - just 4 goodies!
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KMC (Good Looking, Partisan, 720 etc) returns and gives away some unreleased goodies!

KMC is a bit of a legend in the drum n bass scene for those who prefer the deeper beats. The Scottish producer released some amazing atmospheric drum n bass on labels like Good Looking, 720, Partisan and Timeless. After becoming a bit disillusioned with the scene in the late 90’s he took a break to concentrate on other things, waiting in the shadows for drum n bass to regain some of the credibili
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REX goodies
Anyone got any good REX files/breaks to share? Starting to get into the EXS sampler a little more. I remember finding a link to heaps of great breaks in REX format, but cannot remember what I did with it...

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ABOC vs Metalheadz tickets and goodies up for grabs...Any Takers?
So, if that exclusive Goldie mix over on our blog wasn’t enough to moisten your musical palette’s…here’s some more goodies for ya! Your chance to win this little lot…

2 x Tickets to A Bunch of Cuts vs Metalheadz at Cable, Saturday May 8th
1 x Metalheadz T Shirt
1 x Greena ‘Tenzado’ 12″ from Apple Pips
1x Love Hotel / The Dim Light 12″ by D-Bridge

We’re also going to select 10 lucky entrants to receive a free download of A Sides forthcoming album ‘Worldwideâ

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