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U gotta cheer me up

I got to hear today that I didn't get the summer job I was tryina get....or actually, I've been trying to get millions of summer jobs ever since February, but even the last straw proved no result. I would get to work in a warehouse if I wanted to, but I was there last summer and I realized that it's warehouses that make people mentally ill.

I'm gonna be totally broke for the whole fucking summer; gonna study a few courses on communication just to get a pitifully small study aid fro
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I gotta say a big thanks to the one like DJ Woz.
in his recent mix (the burning mix)


he plays a song near the end called "most dangerous drip" by ming and fs. i've never heard of ming and fs before and the sound was quite fresh to me. its like junglified hip hop and daaaaymn it's funkeh!

so, being a big of a fan of p2p i had a bit of a search for more of their stuff (with honerable intentions of course). i happened across the albu
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L.I.F.E ...very pathetic I know, but gotta be asked!
What do you think is the point in our existence?

I don't really give a toss a lot of the times as I usually have too much to do to have time to think - but ain't been feeling like doing any work today, and so I was just thinkin about...

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Gotta admit that I feel complimented!
according to latest news i heard from mr teebee, polar has been spending time listening to my editzz music and decided to get back to dnb!

said he realized there is challenge in dnb!

really dont wanna brag, it's just a joy to hear that some of the old veterans rediscover the magnificent style that is dnb Cool

good news of the day eh! [Image: http://www.subvertcentral.com/forum/imag...yippee.gif]
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gotta give them points for aiming high
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I gotta leave work at lunchtime today ...
... to buy B a bottle of Buckfast for tonight!!

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Just gotta give props where they are due....
the magnificent peter crouch.

no matter how uncomfortable he look ssometimes, he keeps amazing me


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The Hubble Deep Field Video (aliens gotta be out there!!!)
prepare to be humbled...

we're really just a piece of cosmic dust at the end of the day...

the guy says something along the lines of what i've been sayin' for years, which is: "out of all that's out there, known and unknown, the notion that we're the only place w/ a perfect balance for existence is downright arrogant"...

keep watchin' past the dude lip syncing at 1:30 (lol)...


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Gotta love American T.V.....

lol. i actually hope this gets made into a show- this is just a clip from the pilot. Rofl

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just gotta big this producer up
His name's Ric Notes out of Toronto. Shit's hurtin me...

Its like a combo of J-Dilla, Premier, Just BLaze all in one but hes got his own style still

beats at: http://www.myspace.com/ricnotes

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