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Comics and Graphic Novels
This is somewhat unfashionable a topic but I was wondering how many of you are into comics. I read a lot of 2000AD, Dredd, X-Men and their offshoots, plus a few others. I lost a lot of them when my parents moved house and they stored my comics badly, and some got blight which really upset me for months. I know that I can't ever regain the comics I've lost but I was wondering if any of you have a similar love for them.
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dvd/graphic heads...best way to capture pic?
what would you say is the best way to capture an image from a dvd?
play the scene, deleted and print screen?

i have so many cool shots i'd like to snag off some of my movies.
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all graphic designers:

i want to replace all buttons (eg [Image: http://www.subvertcentral.com/forum/temp...con_pm.gif]) and all icons (eg [Image: http://www.subvertcentral.com/forum/temp...ew_big.gif]) throughout the forum with our own custom ones.........

whos good at this sort of fiddly work

step up !!!

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graphic - 1000 (Fanu Rmx) + (Break Rmx)

but It would be nice innit?
This tune begs for a NASTY DARK AND DIRTY rmx

do it do it! NOW ! Twisted
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Graphic designers?

As some of you may know, I am working on a downtempo album that I am planning to release under my Samurai moniker.

I want to have good graphics for it......it has to be something that is not just cool, trendy, irrelevant - it has to be deep and express some sort of meaning.

The title of the album will be "Focused Mind".
I am after Japanese style graphics.

Here are some examples to give you some hint of the style I am after (these are by Hokusai):

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Is this tune : Graphic - "Hexagon" ??
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Ezekiel Honig v Graphic 12" IN STORES NOW
Ezekiel Honig / Graphic
Love Session / 1000 Remix EP 12"

A1. Ezekiel Honig - Love Session (Graphic D&B Remix)
A2. Ezekiel Honig - Love Session
B1. Graphic - 1000 (Ezekiel Honig Remix)
B2. Ezekiel Honig - Daily Human Emotions

Ezekiel Honig and Graphic remix each other, along with a new Ezekiel Honig track, for a 12" of microhouse and drum and bass. Graphic's remix of 'Love Session' (which originally appeared on Ezekiel's 'Technology is Lonely' CD album on Anticipate) takes th
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Offshore 12 - Graphic ft. Beans
Does anyone have audio for this? The Graphic tune on the split series is hot...
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Ezekiel Honig - Love Session (Graphic Rmx)
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Attn Stacks / Graphic Designers - Help needed with tiny job
Hi people

I need a load of GIFS inverting. A few are animated. They are all very small (SC buttons / icons)

I dont have a program I can do it on with yet on OS X (any recommendations ?)

The GIFS are in the attached zips.

If someone could invert them for me then re-attach two zip files (need to keep them separate), thatd be most fantastic Smile

Ta, Ben

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