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Warm Radio today...special guest mix inside!
new mix->warm communications recording artist "resound"! hailing from finland, this man fusing abstract atmospheres, rolling beats and pulsating basslines!

expect tunes from resound, asc, exile, seba, vector burn, kaleb & muffler, mav & virgo and intersidereal!

don't miss out!

4-5:30 pm central


resound aim: warmresound

warm radio aim: warmbassdrive

email resound: resound@scientific.nl

don't forget to check out: [u
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DAK - unwind radio sessions guest mix
the dak archive can be found here:

q project - the instrumental
sounds of life - a spice of jazz
photek - the seven samurai
krust - brief encounters
dj suv - woo town
krust - going nowhere
blackstar - radical
elementz of noize - stick up (tonic remix)
ben grimm - fly by
infinite - beachball
dj red - enter the dragon (tekken 3 mix)
zenith - damaged
tribe of issachar - ward
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Unwind Radio Sessions : ESB & Union With Guest : Rohan
[Image: http://www3.sympatico.ca/djesb/ATYEO-small.jpg]
remembering dj atyeo :

monday night : 6pm-8pm EST
*click above to access*

date:monday jan/19/04
time:6PM-8PM EST/11PM-1AM GMT
url: www.club246.com
selektor:ESB [urbnet
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Unwind Radio Sessions With Guest Cartridge, ESB & Union
All 3 Servers Are Now Back Online!
[Image: http://www.m-gineering.nl/cartridge.jpg]

monday night : 6pm-8pm EST
*click above to access*

date:monday feb/16/04
time:6PM-8PM EST/11PM-1AM GMT
url: www.club246.com
selektors:ESB [urbnet/precision/s.c.] & Un
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Subverted Unwind Radio Sessions : Blue Guest Mix
[Image: http://j3s.net/photolog/2003jan/2003jan25_subvert.jpg]

monday night : 6pm-8pm EST
*click above to access*

date:monday march/30/04
time:6PM-8PM EST/11PM-1AM GMT
url: www.club246.com
Blue [streetbeats/subvert central]
ESB [urbnet/precision/s.c.]
Union [fla
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DJ ML and Guest - Live this Saturday Midday-2pm GMT...
myself dj ml and dj hamilton
live on londonliveanddirect.com this saturday 3rd april 2004 midday -2pm gmt

i will be stepping up for the first hour playing a variety of breakbeat dnb...mostly new tunes with a few older tracks.

in the second hour dj hamilton (representing tower records, picadilly london) will be stepping up playing some mellow and darker dnb beats.

will have msn messenger running in the studio for any shouts, requests or comments…

your support is required,
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Lab Creation with guest DJ Skope on LLAD
Playing live now on http://www.londonliveanddirect.com/radio.php is the Lab Creation with a guest DJ Skope playing the very best in Jungle Drum and Bass, so why not lock on and send us a e-mail at studio@londonliveanddirect.com
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Warm Radio 4/22/04: EHL w/ guest mix DJ M
[Image: http://faultlinednb.com/djm/img/boxhead2.jpg]

DJ M is kind enough to give warm radio & fellow listeners a good dose of future funk this week! as a member of Faultline Productions, Soma Sessions & Freebeats, DJ M has been invovled within dnb for many years and has the respect of many people involved! any of you who have had a chance to listen to his mixes online or catch his
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Radio show peeps; guest slots?
So I have my drum mics Twisted

I was thinking that as I don't DJ ( I can, but have no decks) I could put together a half hour mix of some of my tunes and play drums along, record it all as I play, and what you get is a 'live mix' in the truest possible sense......

So anyone have room for a 30-45 minute Macc drum slot on their show? Anyone interested? Would it be too boring with only one drum kit? You can't do break switching on the drums, you know.......... Grin
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The Nooner with Lindsey & Gabby and special guest DJ Dar
Hey All,

So I promoted the Negroclash dancer Gabby to be my permanent sidekick on my new East Village Radio show. She's the Andy to my Conan! The Ed to my Johnny etc etc. The show is going to be called The Nooner, you can run out and hang with us on your lunch break for trouble, the studio is a big window on 1st Avenue between 1st and 2nd right next door to Little Frankies (yum!). If you can't come through, log in to http://www.eastvillageradio.com and click "live stream." We're stealing

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