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I can use the Vestry hall Studios for free at Uni!
Bizo bizatch!
Author: INITIAL - Replies: 12 - Views: 1013
uk ' hall of fame' last night.....RANT
Why do I watch such programs? All I end up doing is shouting abuse at the television for the whole duration.

My main gripes with last night.

1. The inclusion of record company made "bands" such as the Spice girls and Dobbee Walliams. The spice girls - they may well be remembered but surely all it amounts down to is clever marketting, so by saluting them you really saluting 4 geeks in shirts sat around a boardroom cooking up the next new fad.
They couldn't sing, they were common as muck, m
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JMJ & Richie - "Case Closed" / "Hall Of Mirrors" £2.99!!!
Icon_exclaim *EDIT* 12" was listed as Shadow 35 but the soundclip plays Shadow 53, which is another JMJ & Richie release "Trouble in China" / "Subroutine"

Get this on Ebay ... "Buy it Now", so price is guaranteed...

Two blinding amen tunes from '93 (promo 12")


... funny though - Classic Trax are selling the same 12" for £46.99 !!!


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hall & oates - i can't go for that (no can do)
has taught me much about the duplicity of love.

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a very talented rapper that i have the pleasure to work with just won the homegrown comp on raz kwames' show yesterday.

just found out it was a tune i engineered!

big up mikey t Falcon

listen again here:

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Last nights Music Hall of Fame Awards
quite enjoyed that i did...

well not all of it.
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Apocalyptica rendition of Hall of the Mountain King

madness Icon_eek

havent yet checked the rest but lots more at http://www.apocalyptica.com/media/videos.php

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[Manc] SEQUENCE: 15/04: Mark Broom / Mr76ix LIVE / Rob Hall
[Image: http://www.computercontrolled.co.uk/medi.../cc25a.gif][Image: http://www.computercontrolled.co.uk/medi.../cc25b.gif]


15th april 2006
10:00pm till 03:00am
£7/£6 before 11:00pm and nus

special guests:
mark broom (pure plastic, bpitch control)
rob hall (skam, gescom)
mr 76ix - live (skam)

residents: computer controlled djs & mark turner
visuals by CCTV & the beards

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[b]thursday, april 20th, 2006

progressive collective presents:

..::funk alert::..

metalheadz / secret operations / paradox music - sweden
hailing from sweeden and growing up at a time when jungle wasn't at all popular in his country he still managed to find his passion in the new exciting uk sounds. so like many others he got two turntables and a mixer and taught himself
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zappa plays zappa @ albert hall 02/06/06
what can i say.. being only 28 i never thought i would get the chance to see any zappa played live, let alone played beautifully. the whole show was stunning, the band were so tight and played with real love for franks music. dweezil has matured into a FINE musician and he really did do everybody proud.

at one point the keyboard player got off the stage and ran round to the albert hall organ and busted out some sick riffs!! also seeing frank solo on a big screen from years ago with the backin

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