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I've Finally Helped A Thread Into The Crapper
My only question , is why it took so long lol Lol
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Yahoo 'helped jail China writer'
Internet giant Yahoo has been accused of supplying information to China which led to the jailing of a journalist for "divulging state secrets".
Reporters Without Borders said Yahoo's Hong Kong arm helped China link Shi Tao's e-mail account and computer to a message containing the information.

The media watchdog accused Yahoo of becoming a "police informant" in order to further its business ambitions.

A Yahoo spokeswoman, Pauline Wong, said the company had no immediate comment.

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Tunes the helped revolutionize DnB
someone started a thread like this on the local toronto board. its bad.....nothing but anthems, mostly in the late 90's early 00.

so i figure i would post the same topic here - im sure some people got some good opinions and views

if you name a few tunes - try to include a reason. here was my response - nothing super indepth - just what i posted on the toronto board


Frankie Bones – The “Bones Breaks” EP series (1989)
-some of the earliest house music to really emphasize
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Video i helped create- Parallel Deceptions: Iraq / Iran
[Image: http://www.btlonline.org/scottritter.jpg]
VIDEO: Parallel Deceptions: The Bush Agenda for war in Iraq and Iran

This authorized video is a DVD produced by Squeaky Wheel Productions and the internationally syndicated radio show Between the Lines, that features a 45 min speech by Scott Ritter. He is a former Marine intelligence officer and United Nations weapons inspector. Ritter was one of the few American officials to openly oppose the Iraq war before the US invasion. He says the sa

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