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ipod hifi
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HiFi Sub
Went to listen to a £1700 hi-fi system today and was highly disappointed with the low end.

Tracks i was particulary disappointed with were

Breakage -Morning Star
D Bridge - True to the craft

,...which both have lovely modulatiing bass. My home computer speakers, which has a sub, even picks up this bass!

Got chatting to the guy about this. He said it was due to the size of the speakers (they were pretty small) and i would require bigger speakers to replicate those sub notes. (?!
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The rise - 93/94 jungle @ hifi stand firm dec 2nd w/rumbleton
I recently played a set on Rumbletons Stand firm broadcast on Jungletrain.net and was able to rip the set for you all to enjoy.

Taking you back to the original dark days of the jungle...

Respect to Rumbleton, Gremlinz and all crew that night.

D/L Link :


Deep in the jungle. RIP
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Trying to hook up Windows Media ready HiFi thru USB - any advice
Hi good people,

This personal request of myself is over a year old. I bought a USB to USB cable last year for xmas. I thought it would easily connect between my laptop's USB port and the USB port on my (inexpensive) Philips Windows Media ready HiFi.

This was with the intent of being able to play music from my laptop, through my HiFi. I don't always want to be relying on headphones, to give me better long term hearing.

Anyway, any places you'd recommend on the net that sell *actual* U

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