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Martian methane hints at oases of life
Microbe population estimated, but space community is unconvinced.


In the first published study to track methane on Mars, researchers have concluded that life is the only plausible source of the gas. The putative martians are hiding in a few isolated spots and the rest of the planet is totally sterile, they say.
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New tune for the new year: Hints of shape

this is a bit more rolling than my usual stuff. did the whole tune in one go today. hope everybody is able to enjoy it. leave a comment if you feel like it.
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Hints/tips/shortcuts/workflow thread
So blatantly you've all got little things you've figured out that save you loads of time. Keyboard shortcuts, workarounds, little preference ticky boxes that save you loads of shit etc etc.......... Post them in here. Any sequencer or app at all Smile

Keep it concise! No chat or I'll edit Twisted

By way of starting;

Cubase SX pre v3 relative snap workaround:

If you've got an audio snip that starts on some random non-snapped division, when you move it it snaps to the snap resolution,
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loud office WHORE!!! hints and tips required from subverts>>
Loud fucking bitch!

Not only that but she has the most annoying high pitched bradford voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (nothing against anyone from oop north)

She also has a habit of walking up and down past me all the time blaring her fucking annoying voice down her mobile.

Her laugh is worse than Grott Bags Witchy cackle .

Her mobile phone is set to the loudest level possible, and goes off all the time, and its fucking scooby doo…so not only has she ruined my enjoyment of one of the bes
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found this gem on a tfl press release:

"TfL also advised that walking should be considered as an alternative for short journeys."

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