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good old fashioned hiphop tear up!
First off, propers to those that's built the site and thanks for the invite

I am boneca of dirtburg, a six piece live hiphop outfit, two emcees, 1 DJ and...the rest, recently described as "a new tongue-in-cheek hip-hop outfit spitting about sexual exploits and the finer details of their toilet habits to a funk-laced soundtrack of slack beats and chest-fuzzing bass"

Did you ever go to a hiphop show as a kid? do you miss the hi-energy throwdowns that have been replaced with a geezer mumbling
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A Question For Old Skool HipHop Heads
to settle a pub dispute...what is the break used in 'The Message' by Grandmaster Flash & his Furious Five. the (from memory) ascending then descending synth line. my colleague insists it was a creation of the session for that record alone. i (based on nothing at all but a hunch of course) insist it's a break. who is right? and if i am what is that break?

cheers, ears

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Blue in producing hiphop shocker!!!
I was listening to my Blue / UV CD when I found this short hiphop clip after the track called "Conspirators" Cool The track ends abruptly, though.

Have u done more hiphop experiments, mister Blue?
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The Conscious Selection 2004-02-17 (hiphop+epic dnb special)
mp3 archive:


hgw & lantto 20:00-21:00

mekon - phatty's lunch box [wallcd004]
dr rockit - music box [clr424cd]
dj shadow - stem, long stem [mcar-25424-2]
prefuse 73 - radio attack [warpcd85]
squarepusher - dedicated loop [warpcd72]
squarepusher - fly street [warpcd62]
a tribe called quest - lunch for lucien [82876535492]
gangstarr - executio
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classic hiphop or broken beats
so, it's me solo tonight but i've brought some extra vinyl with me so i could ask you: "what do you want as a special feature tonight?"

classic hiphop (ultramagnetic, bdp, mantronix, but also some early wu-tang, dilated peoples etc.)
broken beats (4 hero crew, nubian mindz, domu... head2toe, archive, 2000black, twisted funk etc.)

the special feature is something we do the first half hour of the show from time to time to spice things up and to broaden the horizon...the music we play al
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bambu set archive feat. classic hiphop, UK hardcore, jungle

dice filled the crack pipe with some hardcore weed, in other words it's all about the music Teef

classic hiphop was the feature chosen by the public

in order of appearance

mantronix 'funky fresh' sleeping bag records
rapmatical5 'million $ legs' stones throw
boogie down productions 'jah rulez' jive
ultramagnetic mc's 'watch me now' next plateau
eric b & rakim 'i know you got soul' 4th & broadway
pete rock & cl smoot
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F+N hiphop/downbeat
A Facade in 3 Stages
Boxing Day
Stars In Space

Are these signed?
Brilliant, just brilliant!

Is there more?
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GREAT Hiphop set for download!(Looping radio)
My friend KPS made a special one this week...it's more of a compilation Wink

Tracklist goes like this:
Beans - Mutescreamer (Prefuse 73)
Autechre - V something
Jeru the damaja - Come clean (DJ Premier)
Tribe Called Quest - Steve Biko
Aceyalone - Lost your mind
Total Science - Hold ya Tougue
Mad Villain - Meat Grinder
Mad Villain - Figaro
Mad Villain - Do not fire
All Natural - 50years
Cypress Hill - Stricly Hiphop
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Hiphop for Macc
I am a bit concerned for Macc......because I think he hates hiphop; he called some hiphop tracks "pointless" earlier today.

So.....here's some REAL, genuine hiphop for you, Macc......
I hope you enjoy it.


(thanks to 0=0 for the link!)
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Subfilter - Fri Jul 29 2005 Freestyle hiphop/dnb set on JT
just a live Freestyle hiphop/dnb set :P
here :arrow: http://linuxfoo.de/~subje/Subfilter%20_F...in.net.mp3
tracklist maybe later Roll

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