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Kontakt with integrated beat slicing = Wackit

Homerdrool arglarlglrglalrglalrllgalrglarllrgllralgalrgll
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This is what I am talking about!

And no - no wav until I have used it :P

Just had to share to say I LOVE WINSTON CLIFFORD.

The bit in because right about where someone whoops ( Icon_evil ) is SO FUCKING BAD. Icon_eek
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homerdrool google image search.

1st page.
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The drums on Macc - Empty Instrument :homerdrool:
[Image: http://home.kc.rr.com/bsteggeman1/smilie...rdrool.gif]

fecking hell...I can't stop listening to this tune...it's one of my top 5 D&B drums evah.

soooooooooo funky!
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The Sandman special edition with hardcover :homerdrool:
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Charles Rouse - Two is One album :homerdrool:
Hopscotch is a TUUUUUUUNE! how I wish that someone would make a proper D&B of this. The tune itself oozes D&B.

Two is One is another litle gem. The bass on it hypnotises me Icon_eek
very dense tune.

Plus: In a Funky Way, In His presence searching

Review by Brandon Burke

By this point, the assumption that listeners would like this record simply because they liked Charlie Rouse's work with the Thelonious Monk Quartet would be presumptuous. The music found h
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