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cool idea
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idea for software
...i was reading the thread for "is there a software for"

......and it reminds me of a lightbulb i had in the studio the other day... we were laying down this track that is kinda reminiscent of those rocknroll+breakbeat tracks from way back like 1980s kinda and i was taking and retaking electric bass + guitar parts, trying to tighten it all up in the mix...

...and i thought, is there a software or other tool that will read the peak transients of a singlehit, loop, recorded track and
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Ridiculous new idea re: WMD detection.
One thing that the pentagon should realise from the latest War was that 'Smart' Technology ain't really that smart. Now for the next ridiculous idea :

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has this idea been suggested before????
has anyone suggested the idea of a subvert central remix 'competition' (not that it would really have to be competitive)???

i've seen this done on other forums but i think it would be really good on here as there's a lot of really good producers posting ...

if everyone could download the samples which made up a tune (maybe an old streetbeats one) and all remixed it by a certain date it would be really interesting to see what everyone came up with ....

maybe the best version could go
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who had the idea of a metalheadz dj competition???
i read on here yesterday someone suggesting they let up and comings do the warm up two hours .. and today on doa ..

""....Well put your money where your mouth is...

Metalheadz Sunday Sessions are running a competition giving new and up & coming DJ's the chance to play at Metalheadz.

Successful winners will play the opening set from 7pm - 9pm, drinkage, 4 comp passes, and a reduced £4 guestlist for the rest of their mates.

All demo's should be in CD format, and should be accompanied
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An idea....
I went to a local record shop yesterday to talk about our record sales. Unfortunately buisness lcally is poor and he is having to close down but is converting to an internet shop. It got me thinking about us and our situation.....

We need a place where people can order ALL our music direct from us so we offer music direct to the people always on this forum AND make money ourselves rather than all the shops.
I realise there may be implications with the distribution company which is why it ma
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A 2nd Idea...
We need a place on our site where all you artists can have immediate access to uploading of tracks. This way we can all hear whats going on whenever we feel without chasing CDs which is time and money.....

Anyone who wanted to hear them - listeners, whoever - can all pay a small monthly fee and have a password that allows them into this section. ~The artist has a little funding but also the people paying the fee have the privilege of down loading good quality full length track instantly?
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an idea for the subvert label

was checking the thread started earlier by Statto, but didn't wanna divert.

why don't the label managers ask for £30 OR WHATEVER and just send promo's of all SC stuff for a year - that way, people know EXACTLY what to get and expect - and the label get the initial fundings.

but to be honest, why can't the real people involved just use their own money? also, don't the artists - blue, alpha omega, breakage, naphta, beta 2, 0T, 0=0, etc want a little bit of money for their releases?
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An idea
I was just wondering what the producers thought of this - if you know one of your tunes isn't going to be released by anyone, surely, if part of the reason for producing is to get your music heard, it's a good idea to put a copy of the tune up for download, so people would hear your music, and might even be able to play it out from a CDJ? You wouldn't be losing money or anything... what do you think?
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give me an idea
Hey, I finished my last thing a couple of days ago and now I'm about to start something new, but the problem is my head's empty as fuck... Baffled

So I need ideas, one word, preferably something abstract that I can build my tune around...

1 word, simple yet effective.... Cool

I'd really appreciate the help! Wink

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