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what is the ideal government?
any thoughts on how a perfect government would function?

- not just politicially(cause thats not an argument i want to start), but morally, socially, ecologically etc.

personally, i feel democracy is slightly flawed - its kinda like a high school popularity contest and its always the ones that look the best/are the coolest that get through no matter how unsuitable they are... but i have no idea what could replace it - but technology opens up an amazing number of possibilities.
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'Ideal' appreciation
Anyone else seen this on BBC3? Stars the man Jonny Vegas.

Funny script Hahaha Give it a chance it you get the chance Smile
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Thought all 4 seasons of this have been great

Psycho paaaaaaauuuuuuuullllllll

[Image: http://www.comedy.org.uk/images/library/...l_paul.jpg]
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Your ideal holiday??
Just need some fodder for my imagination this morning as i plan on doing no work, instead i will be thinking about nice sunny places to visit on my next holiday, around 2014 i think :'(
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(non-)ideal xmas gifts

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