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*FREE* Show in Los Angeles 07/10 (IDM/Electro Crew)
July 10 (Thu)
Daedelus (Plug Research / Phthalo / Dublab / Eastern Developments)
Bus Driver (Massmen)
Radioinactive (Mush) as The Weather

Venue: Amoeba. 7pm. FREE!

Daedelus is especially brilliant. Hell it's free so i expect all you LA heads to be at amoeba on thursday.

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House of Fraser adverts in IDM shocker!?
I was just watching TV and the ad for the House of Fraser sales came on, using a pretty harsh sounding IDM track, kind of in the Autechre vain. Anyone know what this track is? It's been driving me crazy!
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Crazy Japanese Ragga/Breakcore/Grind/IDM in US 3/4-11
a bunch of awesome japanese producers are coming over to the US tommorow,
for a couple of east coast shows. If you're anywhere near them, definitely
check them out. Unknown, but absolutely wicked.

the artists are:
FRX (Accel Muzhik aka ove naxx's label) - ragga hardcore/jungle

MARUOSA (renda records, also affiliated w/ omeko I think) -
crazybreaks/grind with live metal mc'ing

WILDFLOWER SYSTEMATICA (Nul Records, future Cock Rock Disco) - real
awesome indescribable shit

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Nice idm/downbeat/electro netlabel - Aubergine
Some quite nice stuff on there.

This is the guy who offered me a release on his label, havent really got much stuff like this tho.

Its all quite nice,

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some idm 320s
was cleaning the hd and webserver and thought i'd share a bit
(yea i know i ripped off the title)
[url=http://elevenfifty5.us/mike/320s/NON%20DNB/Jaded%20-%20CsH1214.mp3]Jaded - Cs
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·· SKYLINE BREAKS mix ·· ambient ·· idm ·· downtempo ··
[Image: http://www.keiretsumusic.com/steve/skyline/cumbria.jpg]

01 fourier wave device - liverpool street
02 hipnotic - magic dragon
03 shpongle - exhalation
04 breakage - strumpet
05 matrix - angel
06 solar fields - elevator sunshine girl
07 link - arcadian (mogwai remix)
08 burial - u hurt me
09 kakan - ill
10 sasha - requiem
11 aphex twin - ageispolis
12 falcon - no fucking fishing for compliments (fishbone mix)
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Eskmo - back catalog of dnb/idm up now in digi bundles...
Some of my self released dnb / idm is up in Digital album bundles. Available at Addictech from the links below. Some more techy, some more organic - I know SC favors a wide variety, so hopefully somethin may peak an interest. Blessins- Cool

[Image: http://www.eskmo.com/site2/images/webby_dec/amston.jpg]
The Amston Lake Recordings (2004)

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atmospheric/drumfunk and idm tunes
listen to my tunes at http://www.myspace.com/3funk

looking forward to hear your opinions Smile
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[SELL] List of oldskool jungle, IDM, Breakcore, Breakbeat...

I'm hereby selling the following records. If you're interested in buying one or more of these, please contact me through mail: groenf@hotmail.com
I've also just launched my new website: http://www.green-vinyl.com
Please have a visit and let me know what you think about it!

Shippingcosts to the UK:
1 record -> €7
2 or more records -> €11

Drum ‘n Bass / Jungle:

The Noise of Art - "Rollin deep..." - Subbase 35
Sonz of a Loop da Loop Era - What the...
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idmf003 - Mind Tree (a free idm, ambient etc -album)
thought a few heads on here might appreciate this. its rather good. (the following is all taken from doa)

[Image: http://img25.imageshack.us/img25/8524/idmf003front.jpg]

From start to finish, Mind Tree is an auditory journey that takes the listener through all walks of life.

Every possible emotion is touched upon: melancholy, anger, excitement, and happiness being just a few, and all of them are perfectly blended into a cross-genre compilation of only a fraction

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