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Fecking European system vs. the US imperial one...
Translating this goddamn homework...

How much is the European decilitre in the US imperial system?!?!?

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oh sweet jaysus-imperial moments
listening one flight's show....this is just blowing my mind...more big ups to seba & krazy.
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Seba & Krazy : Imperial Moments
Just heard this on dnbmassive

sounds cool over the net...looking forward to hearing it properly


audio for this and untold other plates :


some other good stuff on there by break, commix, spirit, ruffige cru, breakage, beta2 & zero t, martyn and survival.

i cant believe i have never seen this site before!

i know u lot probably have or even have the tunes already, but for those that dont know....go have a butchers hook..
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TERRAFORMS Launch 20.03.08 feat BREAK&LOMAX @Imperial OXFORD
[b]A brand new year, a brand new night; Terraforms presents to oxford a lineup not to miss! The launch night will take place just before the Easter weekend on Thursday March 20th, the day before good friday.
The venue - Imperial has many features to offer including visuals, seating, smoking area & some amazing drink offers aswell, so what better excuse to get drunk & listen to some quality music!

The increasingly in demand Dj Break returns to Oxford to headline the launch. Break's busy DJ sc
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Seba & Krazy - Imperial Moment
omg what a tune. Falcon
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Xavier feat. John Oswald - Imperial Steppaz
Shoutz going out to lulzec- dnbheaven man dem, ahn all who ap[preciate and love the hardcore. love unno-

[Image: http://i1.sndcdn.com/avatars-00000694559...pg?a073db2]
[ http://soundcloud.com/johnoswald/xavier-...ohn-oswald
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Ancient Shadows Imperial March

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DNB HEAVEN.COM Archive show - Xavier.NC.imperial.sesh 14Nov11 feat.john.oswald

Live from a radio network broadcast -


Me on the Mic - oh gawsh, was faded - apologize for the annoying mcing loal.

Give it a listen if you like superior mixing skills and selection - anyone who knows Xavier knows his mixing is second to none, and his discogs collection is no trifle:


Anyhow -

Decent stuff to hear - Imperial Crew, Off Me Nut Records, and Unjust Records
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Carbine soundclashes establishd jungle sound Imperial tonite!!!
7 EST 12 GMT

Hey, this is a message to all the soundclash enthusiasts -

Raleigh N.C. veteran Xavier will be clashing country sound Riddim Killaz (Clip & Carbine) the first wed. of April 2012 live on Psychoradio at 7 pm EST.

Going tune fi tune for over an hour in traditional jungle styles, it's a Clashnight all fans of Jungle, Reggae, and DnB should set on their calender for tons of the Amen twist ~

Xavier - Imperial -

Foundation sound I
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Results from soundclash between Imperial & Riddim Killaz inside

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