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O.k Beat Jam peeps, we're planning on filming a video a few hours earlier than the night starts for inclusion into our new music video.
What it entails is having punters raving about and being filmed.


sign on this post to give me some idea of how many peeps would be up for it.
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National Loyalty in Club Football

If an English team is playing in Europe, I will support the English team, as I'd rather they win than lose. Even if its arsenal - although it is a close call on that one....

As such Ive been criticised by fellow Liverpool fans as not being a 'true' supporter - whatever!

Whats other fans views on this then?

And come on Liverpool tonight, caru has been publicly slating us.....an oft regretted move!

Coz Im :footy crazy, i'm :footy mad!
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what was/is your greatest moment in time?
tell us the story of your defineing moment in time.

if youve had one that is.
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Moodiest up & coming Rude Bwoy in DNB today???????
for me it has to be


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Genki vs Nick Fury in a Merciless Breakbeat Mashup...

1. Freaky Chakra - Glimmer of hope (Solace mix) [imix]
2. Ils - Music [marine parade]
3. Drive - Beat goes (EK's monster breaks mix) [sound not scene]
4. Django - Pollen [proper records]
5. Soul of Man - Dirty waltzer [finger lickin]
6. Ed Solo vs Skool of Thought - Feel the music [supercharged]
7. DJ Vela - Irresistible (10 Sui remix) [moving target]
8. Bill Vega & New Decade - Dynamics [wireframe]
9. Mada
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So I Had this "MC" gig in Oxford last night.....
now, i'm not one of your run of the mill booyaka mcs.. far from it.. i let the music speak for itself, just adding the odd toast etc.... anyways... i'm due to a spot with my mate chemical (of DOA fame)... and it seems that he had to go back to back with one of Oxford's "jump up" DJ/'s.. needless to say he brought down about 5 bidididididididid mc's with him and i had a wasted night, i just left them to it..

so the reason for this post?

i had a f*cking wasted saturday night...

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John Pilger - a call for unity in our actions
Graham Greene once described a "subterranean world, where the hopes and dreams of the mass of the people reside, unconnected with the rarefied world above, until those above take one step too far". There is a stirring in this people's world as those above take many steps too far.

In the United States, according to the Institute for Policy Studies, there were at least 400 major demonstrations against an attack on Iraq up to mid-October. "There is a rising tide of activism," reported the Washi
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LOW Playing in the UK in 2003!
LOW Newcastle University Newcastle THU 06/02/2003 19:30

LOW Manchester University Manchester FRI 07/02/2003 19:30

LOW Academy 2 Birmingham MON 10/02/2003 19:30

LOW The Bristol Academy Bristol TUE 11/02/2003 19:30

I hope they will add a London date.

Be there or be square!
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Strike and Exxon comfirmed to play at Roadblock in Mo-Shon
Streetbeats's Strike and Exxon will be guesting at the Roadblock weekly session in Camberwell in Febuary. Hold tight for some b2b bizniss

Dates and full details tba soon
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Pirate garage shows in London
Having been to London most days this week we've had the pleasure of listening to a selection of pirate radio stations in London which were almost exclusively playing Garage music. I could not believe how poor both the music was and the Mcing. Last night this guy was going off on one how he would "pulls his piece on ya" and how he wants to "fuck your big breasted girlfriend".Very menacing indeed as i believe that Garage really does represent a part of our current youth culture or yob culture as

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