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Frank Zappa on the American music industry and culture...
This is an extract of a speech by Frank Zappa, delivered at the 1984 convention of The American Society of University Composers (ASAC). Frank Zappa challenges the music industry, 'rules' and 'regulations' in creating/composing and the way that we consume music - in his autobiography 'The Real Frank Zappa'. Although it is quite dated (almost 20 years ago!!) and is largely addressed to classical 'composers' (who he also has a major dig at!), I feel that alot of it applies to the music indus
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the current state of the british film industry...
is terrible.

when are we gonna get some decent funding for decent flicks...

fuck Richard curtis' success, hes ruining everything for everyone.
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Welsh Movie Industry News
Now that Catherine Zeta-Jones-Douglas has become firmly established in
Hollywood, the Welsh film industry is to receive additional funding to
step up production. They are going to remake many well known films, but
this time with a Welsh flavour. The following are planned for release
next year...

* 9 1/2 Leeks
* Trefforest Gump
* Cwmando
* The Lost Boyos
* An American Werewolf in Powys
* Huw Dares Gwyneth
* Dai Hard
* The Wizard of Oswestry
* Cool Hand Look-you
* She
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The damned Industry...
wont let up.....

Research firm, The Leading Question found that people who illegally shared music files online spent four-and-a-half times more on paid-for music downloads than average fans. This is not enough to convince the BPI. "They are undermining the legal services, they are damaging music and they are breaking the law," said BPI chairman Peter Jamieson.

well lets change the fucking law then.
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Q+A with the Music Industry Boffins regarding Digital music!

[quote]Do you think the industry is meeting demand for digital music? Is it successfully safeguarding the future of music? Are the restrictions on the use of digital material justified?

Send your questions below. Your points can relate to the music industry's current practices or the future direction of digital music.

We will post a range of questions here and pick the eight most common and important ones to be answered by
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Radiohead call music industry 'retards'
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the holocaust industry

[quote]Jewish American historian Norman Finkelstein argues in his explosive new book, "The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering" that Holocaust remembrance has been exploited by the Jewish establishment.

In his book he contends that a greater threat to the memory of the Holocaust than Holocaust deniers is what he calls 'The Holocaust Industry'.

He accuses those who exploit the Holocaust of telling l
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Industry Artists Relaunch
The Re-Launch of Industry Artists

Well, after a short break, Industry Artists is back!

A revised roster, image and approach - Industry Artists will help to promote establish artists whilst raising the profiles of the next generation.

Please check our roster, which is constantly broadening to fit your needs:

Audio Unit
DJ Deval
DJ Sol
Low Qui
Mad Vibes
MC Suddz
Social Security (Child Support and Crisis Loan)
Switch MC
The Au
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Chinese Fur industry....
This video is a bit gruesome, but definitely opens your eyes...


The animals are skinned alive....
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Industry Artists Update!
Welcome to the Industry Artists Update

For further information on our artists, roster, bookings, events, publicity or labels please visit http://www.myspace.com/industryartists or email mike@industryartists.co.uk


Great news from the Industry Artists camp - "Jubei" (Emcee Recordings) and the legendary "Loxy" (Metalheadz, Renegade, Worldwide) have been confirmed to join the Industry Artists Roster!


DJ Deval
The World of Drum And Bass tou

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