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EPA04: Infest 'Angoona' Eastern Promise Audio, out now!
[Image: http://www.easternpromiseaudio.com/wp-co...04-600.jpg]

Eastern Promise Audio is proud to present its fourth release featuring the sounds of upcoming and superb Dutch producer Infest, who has proven himself already for some time to be a new main force in the drum ‘n bass scene. For EPA however, he has created two very atmospheric and subliminal works which fit the label’s profile
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20 Free Tracks Including Greenleaf, Tim Reaper, Cartridge, Infest, Relapse & Manix
As some of you may know we have put together a free 20 track DnB album focusing on how the music evolved between 1992 and 1997.

We have 20 songs to give away altogether that showcase a range of styles with only 2 or 3 tracks been available before.

It also features a song from the unreleased Manix album [4hero/Reinforced] . . .

We have to uploaded streams of the tributes to each year, you can listen to them here:

1992 Tribute EP>>> http://snd.sc/LBfHF3

1993 Tribute EP>>> [url
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Infest- The black mist that erased her face from the earth - Clip
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New tune up: Infest - The black mist that erased her face from the earth
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Argento - The Hidden Remixes [Infest, Greenleaf, Scale]
Thought some of you may be interested in this as Infest and Greenleaf are working on some DOPE remixes to put out later this year . . .

We are also working on a Timeline remix EP for Omni Music as well . . .

Feel free to comment as no-one ever does on Soundcloud! Hahaha . . .

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Infest & Parallel - Untitled Ep
Hi peeps,

Some new works of me and Mr. Parallel.

Infest & Parallel - A sense of the path we fear

Infest & Parallel - Artificial Boundries

Infest & Parallel - Were Almost there

Infest & Parallel - Deep Science

Infest & Parallel - Whatever
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HIdden Remixes [Infest/Greenleaf/Relapse] Full Audio
I am so proud to have worked with Eschaton and Infest on this free project . . .

Three of the four remixes available for free download this Friday.

Everyone has their favourite but I have to say all of them are great . . .

I would love to hear your thoughts!






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Infest - It Tick As Long As We Feel It - New tune on SC
Hi all,
Got a new clip of some new deep music on my SC page.

Infest - It Tick As Long As We Feel It


Hope you like Smile
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SUBTLE018 / SUBTLE019 / SUBTLE005CD / BUSTLE003 - Nic TVG/Infest & Quasi/Nebula/Enjoy
...things have been a little slower than I would have liked on the Subtle Audio front over the last 2 years.

There's been a lot of upheaval, moving to Canada, looking for work (continuously up until earlier this year), computer problems etc.
Then there has also been the problem of having to rely on family to ship out orders, meaning I didn't want to release more and more stuff as they'd have to package and post it all which wouldn't be fair on them.

Anyway, I'm hoping to be back in Ireland ear
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Omni Music presents : Infest - Darkofi (Omni013)
Omni Music presents : Infest - Darkofi (Omni013)


Preview of the forthcoming debut album of the Dutch leftfield breakbeat/jungle producer Infest.
Available formats: Digital and a limited edition of 100 cd's with handmade cd sleeves from old records.

Price excl. shipping is £7 pounds.


Infest - Darkofi

01. Nozaum
02. On your back
03. Ghengis on boogle
04. Disbelief
05. Chained and shadowed
06. Backyard mi

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