Author: cube - Replies: 23 - Views: 1693
[xgn007] Fucoza - Inner Monologue EP
is out on monday!!! Grin
Author: Sir Loris of Crowthorne - Replies: 55 - Views: 3454
Joe Henderson - Inner Urge
Just stuck this on again after buying it over Christmas. Why is he never mentioned amongst you Jazz enthusiasts!

Such a great album... miles better than Page One which I bought a few years ago. He has the Coltrane sound mastered, without stealing the man's originality. Really smooth jazz, each track nothing like the last. Elvin Jones on drums (how many quartets does he feature in!!).

Any recommencations of classic Blue Note, please list here Grin

ps Macc - you should get this.
Author: Dj-Sinister - Replies: 0 - Views: 186
Inner Sense_Dj-Sinister
hard techsteppin dnb / mystical jungle smasher,spaced out vox,mellow textured pads, twisted breakz n smooth atmospherix... njoy this trip!


Author: UFO_over_easy - Replies: 9 - Views: 857
Interesting photo documentary - inner city london and grime

It's quite interesting, especially if you're into grime. There are so many people into grime, but so many of them are looking at it from a distance, observing it, without being part of it - it's impossible to be really, when you're middle class and not from an estate, so stuff like this is ace - gives you a glimpse into what poverty stricken inner city London is really about.
Author: pressure. - Replies: 37 - Views: 3719
goldie - inner city life REMIX
Author: R.03 - Replies: 7 - Views: 608
Discovering my inner hippie
I got an early B'Day gift Smile 22" Buffalo Drum. Boom bap bap brrrrrrrr-ap :P And yes, my couch is crap but comfy
Author: dodz - Replies: 2 - Views: 305
chick corea - inner space
fuck me running!

Homerdrool x 1000000000

i've been after this on vinyl for a while, and finally found a mint condition copy on my trip to new york. fucking stellar record!

[Image: http://mogensgallardo.com/music/covers/fc63c76b_2.jpeg]

ps : @ macc : joe chambers is all up in this mutha! Falcon siiiiiick!
Author: SETI - Replies: 7 - Views: 1275
inner city life (redeyes remix)
does anyone have this on mp3 or something? -really wanna hear it.
Author: good morning captain - Replies: 20 - Views: 1656
inner city life - 4hero remix pt1
has got quite a few elements of jah the seventh seal in it!! like the drums after the insrumental bit at the beginning, so is this a remix or (dare i say it) a 'mash up' of jah the seventh seal and inner city life Icon_question
Author: jonesy - Replies: 15 - Views: 3498
Double O - Rider Riddim (Inner Demons)
Does anyone else feel this monster?
Shadowboxingish reece bass meets fat & slow amens. Tearing!

Gwaarn doubleo!

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